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To hide my neighbours' bins?

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TabascoToastie Tue 21-Mar-17 17:12:14

This is such a boring topic, sorry.

I moved to a new area a few weeks ago, to a flat in a small block. There were two wheelie bins outside so I figured they were communal (certainly everyone in the building uses them) but they have not been emptied for over a month.

Phoned the council, apparently wheelie bins are absolutely verboten!! Only round bins will be emptied, and everyone has to go out and buy their own bin (even though we are council tenants).

Pretty sure none of the people in my block know this - the building has crazy high turnover and I'm literally the only person who ever picks up rubbish in the front garden or touches the tower of post that comes into one big communal pile (I swear if it wasn't for me going through the pile and sorting it, no one would ever get their own bills or packages or anything!).

Despite the bins not being emptied people just keep chucking their rubbish bags on top and there is now a huge pile of festering black bags, some ripped open by foxes.

I managed to beg/talk the council into emptying the wheelie bins just this once, but clearly we need some "approved" bins and for everyone to start using them asap.

AIBU to go out and buy some new round bins, and find some way to hide or dispose of the wheelie bins? At this point I'm willing to buy bins for my neighbours just to avoid the hassle of having to track them all down and convince them the magic rubbish fairy is not going to appear and deal with Rubbish Mountain the way the magic post fairy (ie me) deals with Post Mountain and that they need to sort it.

Happyandhungry Tue 21-Mar-17 17:15:44

Do it. Wheel the wheely bins away, far away from your flats and stick a "free to a good home" sign on it. Then tell your neighbours they need round bins (up to you if you want to buy them for them) but explain they must use bins and keep lids on to avoid foxes opening bags. If a mess is made tell them the council will charge them to clear it up (even if thats not true a bit of fear factor is needed with lazy neighbours i find!)

WhatchaMaCalllit Tue 21-Mar-17 18:25:11

Surely the council has to communicate to residents that only rubbish left in round type bins will be collected and rubbish left in wheelie bins will not. Then they should say Round type bins are available for purchase from X location at a cost of Y.

Ask them to send out notifications to the residents. If they don't do that, I'd suggest printing off a few notices, post them through the doors of the other residents and post them up by the bins too saying that the wheelie bins are no longer suitable for collection.

It seems a bit strange though that wheelie bins are not suitable. I thought that was what all councils were moving to?

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