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If you get chub rub what do you wear on holiday?

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Pitchforktotheface Mon 20-Mar-17 11:01:04

Argh. I'm fat. You may be the same size as me and not be fat but I'm fat. I go on holiday somewhere warm in 3 weeks. I get terrible chub rub- painful blisters and holes in my trousers chub rub. I've tried everything - deodorant, lube, the special creams, sudocream and followed the other posts on the subject only to end up with really painful blisters that leave me walking like John Wayne.

So AIBU to ask for suggestions on what to wear on holiday? I'm a massively out of proportion pear shape (18 bottom, 12/14 top). On a tight budget, must go with flip flops and be able to breast feed in it.

I'm doing my nut. All the floaty/ linen trousers make me look like my mum and make my arse look like dogs fighting in sack. I'm a young looking 30 and don't want to dress middle-aged.


Flowersinthe Mon 20-Mar-17 11:05:06

I wear men's boxers (all year around tbh just far more comfy!) the tight kind that cling, and have found it really helps with that run, so maybe like a tight boy short style pants if you don't want to wear actual boxers or something for under the trousers, I find the tight cotton stops the rub as it just rubs against each other rather then skin to skin iyswim then wear whatever on top of it, I also find rolling deodorant on my thighs helps!

DonaldStott Mon 20-Mar-17 11:05:34

What about maxi dress with cycling type shorts underneath? I do this in the hot weather to prevent my thunder thighs getting sweaty and chafing. Sexy huh grin

Olympiathequeen Mon 20-Mar-17 11:05:52

If you've tried everything like creams etc, then you just have to lose weight. Still time to do it and breastfeeding is great for using up calories while doing nothing. There are lots of loose floaty trousers that looke like skirts if you find you need cloth keeping the skin separated.

Lazyafternoon Mon 20-Mar-17 11:08:05

Knee length denim shorts are my essential for holidays! Long enough to prevent thigh rub. Then with vest tops - sleeveless rather than stringy straps so a bit more too them and able to wear my scaffolding bra under.

I can't do skirts or dresses or short shorts when it's hot as my thighs rub first causes horrible sweats, then sore, then pain!

JennyOnAPlate Mon 20-Mar-17 11:10:17

Cycling shorts underneath or spray deodorant on your thighs. I couldn't walk miles just with the deodorant, but I can potter about for a few hours pain free!

SabrinaTheTeenageBitch Mon 20-Mar-17 11:11:29

I used to be a size 22 and suffered dreadfully with this. I used to wear cycling shorts - not attractive but more comfortable than blistered thighs.

Its literally one of the best things about losing all the weight. Its really painful and restrictive especially in the summer. Invest in a pair of shorts, it made a huge difference for me

Thefitfatty Mon 20-Mar-17 11:11:46

Cargo shorts? I often buy men's cargo shorts and wear them with fitted tops. They're nice and baggy and loose, you get tons of pockets and you look sort of 90's skater chic.

Stuck16 Mon 20-Mar-17 11:11:49

Knee length shorts all the way for me too or cycling shorts under skirts/dresses

Would be ever so easy if losing weight was as simple as Olympia suggests!!!

Huldra Mon 20-Mar-17 11:12:17

Have you tried something like these

I like wearing cycling shorts under sun dresses anyway because I find it more comfortable and strangely cooler. You do need to find ones that are stretchy enough and breathable.

ineedwine99 Mon 20-Mar-17 11:16:32

Cycling shorts under dresses, pulled up high to waist to give a smoother shape.

Isitjustmeorisiteveryoneelse Mon 20-Mar-17 11:22:39

I'm not particularly chub, 14 on bottom, but I'm just a sweaty moo so I always wear Sloggi long shorts, 100% cotton style, under dresses, really comfy

geordiedench Mon 20-Mar-17 11:24:04

Maxi dresses with Primark cheap 'cycling shorts' (long legged knickers!) underneath.
But there's time between now and summer. Do loads of inner-thigh exercises. Just doing wide leg low squats every time you brush your teeth, 20-30 each time, is enough to tighten the muscles and stop it being so bad.

jay55 Mon 20-Mar-17 11:24:52

Dresses with short leggings.

BumWad Mon 20-Mar-17 11:27:21

You need lanacane powder.

Aloe Vera gel for evenings when getting back from the sun

Non scented shower gels

Organic non scented sun cream


russiandwarf Mon 20-Mar-17 11:27:49

I wear summer dresses with some cotton leggings type sports shorts underneath - same idea as the cycling shorts suggested by other posters. Not as long as knee length but enough to cover the whole thigh area - works a treat! None of those anti chafing gels have ever really worked for me!

Applebite Mon 20-Mar-17 11:27:50

My friend swears by a pair of shorts under her stuff. She wears skirts, dresses and trousers on holiday with them.

Think she said hers were Spanx, but I can't see why any brand wouldn't work!

uglyflowers Mon 20-Mar-17 11:28:27

Even when I was a slim 11yr old, my thighs rubbed. My sister who is the same shape as me had an eating disorder where she lost so much wright you could see the wires of her pacemaker and STILL her thighs met in the middle so it annoys me when people say to just lose weight. Anyway, my look for summer is knee length dresses which go in in the muddle as I have a good waist, little bolero type carries to hide the bingo wings and 3/4 length leggings for the chub rub. Also sandals with a wedge if I am being glam, trainers or basket ball boots if not. I look quite nice, I think 😀

geordiedench Mon 20-Mar-17 11:28:37

Or try Kamillosan ointment. It is really soothing and it's thick and oily so won't rub off. A layer of that on the top of your thighs might help. It works for nappy rash and runners' nipple burn.

uglyflowers Mon 20-Mar-17 11:29:48

Sorry for the typos (autocorrect)

KinkyAfro Mon 20-Mar-17 11:31:10

I get the comfort shorts from Evans, the material is like thickish tights and they come in nude, black and white. They wash brilliantly and dry really quickly too

Coastalcommand Mon 20-Mar-17 11:32:05

I second Lanacane powder, or Calc at a pinch. Absorbs all the moisture. Black linen trousers are the most flattering to. Like the idea of the denim shorts too. Think I may be purchasing.

Coastalcommand Mon 20-Mar-17 11:32:16


KinkyAfro Mon 20-Mar-17 11:34:06

I CBA with lotions and talc as I like to walk miles on hols and CBA topping up so the shorts are brilliant

russiandwarf Mon 20-Mar-17 11:34:35

Just googled the Evans comfort shorts and also came across this website just out of interest!

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