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To wonder if this needs an GP examination / x-ray? (Photo)

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owowow Mon 20-Mar-17 09:13:37

On Saturday I slipped on some steps and the top of my foot was rammed against the edge of a hard surface. It swelled up and was painful, but once I'd recovered from the shock I was able to cycle home ok. The swelling eventually went down and yesterday I was able to drive. Today it's still looking a bit swollen and bruised (see photo) and there's a small painful lump.

Tomorrow I need to go to work which involves a fair amount of walking to get there and back. Should I just carry on as normal, and expect it to heal itself, or go and get it examined by a doctor to see if it needs an x-ray? I don't think any bones can be broken, but don't know whether the lump is an issue I need to worry about.

emanresudilavni Mon 20-Mar-17 09:28:44

The lump is likely to be a hematoma but don't take an internet diagnosis over an actual GP. Only you know your body.

Can you move your toes? Do the nails return to pink quickly after being squeezed?

It's likely to be just bruising but if in doubt, see someone face to face.

I'm not sure you should be walking to work and back if only due to the discomfort. Do you have a sedentary job?

owowow Mon 20-Mar-17 09:32:51

Yes, the job is sedentary, but I walk 2.5 miles each way.

I could work at home for a day, but not for a week.

emanresudilavni Mon 20-Mar-17 09:49:06

I could work at home for a day, but not for a week.

Do that then.

If it is bruising then it should be better. If it is not then it's to see someone.

You didn't answer about pinkness (circulation) or movement. If 'no' to either of these then see someone asap (A&E).

AnyFucker Mon 20-Mar-17 09:53:00

It's hard to tell without comparing with the other foot

If in doubt, get it seen

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