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I think this is really worrying, my dd has dry skin and uses paraffin/vaseline

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NormaSmuff Sun 19-Mar-17 06:53:08

I feel like my DM being so worried and anxious about this but it is pretty awful.

StillDrivingMeBonkers Sun 19-Mar-17 06:57:54

Does your child smoke or didn't you read the body of the article?

pudcat Sun 19-Mar-17 06:58:27

Three of my family use these creams. Have sent the link to them. Thank you

MrsTwix Sun 19-Mar-17 06:58:31

As long as she doesn't smoke or have candles next to the bed etc it's ok.

spacefrog35 Sun 19-Mar-17 07:00:17

The risk only appears to be if sufficient product is allowed to build up on the things like bed clothes & is then exposed to an ignition source. It's useful to be aware of but I wouldn't be massively concerned.

NoArmaniNoPunani Sun 19-Mar-17 07:01:59

It's it pretty obvious that paraffin is flammable?

NormaSmuff Sun 19-Mar-17 07:03:14

she doesnt smoke but she does mix with people who do, albeit outside, she uses josssticks in her room.
i shall have to ban the use of candles

AllTheWittyNamesAreGone Sun 19-Mar-17 07:04:49

I hope you are banning most hair products, body sprays and beuty products too...all are flammable, also so are most of the clothes you are wearing

EsmesBees Sun 19-Mar-17 07:04:53

Thanks for the link. I use these creams on my toddler and always wondered about the increased risk of catching fire. Obviously not an issue when you are two, but you could see how it would become so in adulthood.

NormaSmuff Sun 19-Mar-17 07:05:43

37 people have died in the last 7 years, that they know this is the cause. there may well be others that they havent put 2 and 2 together.

miserableandinpain Sun 19-Mar-17 07:06:33

Most creams have paraffin in. Because it is cheap. My son is allergic to it and the gp still keot giving different creams with it in. If you check most of your products it will be in there. Not all but a lot. Unless your bathed in it and running around with a lighter it will probably be ok.

NormaSmuff Sun 19-Mar-17 07:08:42

my mind is not being put at rest.
she sits next to naked flames, she goes to parties, people have bonfires, people smoke. she has candles and incense in her rooms.

NormaSmuff Sun 19-Mar-17 07:10:00

one of the men who died was in hospital, he went out for a cigarette. sad

LostSight Sun 19-Mar-17 07:11:15

To give some perspective, 37 people have died because of this in the last seven years. Over 1,500 people die every single year in road traffic accidents. 14 will have been killed by lightning strike.

Clothing is also flammable. Most people don't burn because they are careful around naked flames. It'll be fine.

miserableandinpain Sun 19-Mar-17 07:12:03

How old is your daughter?

NormaSmuff Sun 19-Mar-17 07:13:28

my dd is 17

NormaSmuff Sun 19-Mar-17 07:14:02

thanks lostsight for helping to put in in perspective.
that is really helpful

miserableandinpain Sun 19-Mar-17 07:14:38

If you are really that worried about it then start experimenting with different creams without it. But it is really unlikely to happen.

Schwifty Sun 19-Mar-17 07:15:16

Had quite severe psoriasis myself and was always warned about these creams - they worked like a charm but I wore full length pyjamas and changed the bedding very regularly including mattress protector. Keep away from naked flames, and wash wash wash everything religiously

NormaSmuff Sun 19-Mar-17 07:16:11

i dont know any different creams miserable,this comes on prescription

i knew obviously that paraffin was inflammable but this news story highlighted the danger of it to me.

miserableandinpain Sun 19-Mar-17 07:18:17

There arent many. I had to take ds to a specialist in the end. The gp will just give another cream with it in. But it might be the only thing that helps your daughter. Either do some research and try different creams. Ingredients are always listed if you look online. Or try not to worry about it because its unlikely to happen. How long has she been using the creams?

LostSight Sun 19-Mar-17 07:20:39

I have a nineteen year old son who loves candles. No cream, but I feel your pain. It's really tough being the mother of a young adult. The vast majority of them survive it. I keep telling myself that!


NormaSmuff Sun 19-Mar-17 07:22:49

she has been using these creams since maybe 3, i know she didnt like the E45, so she was able to tell me it stung.

thanks again lostsight and others.

LaContessaDiPlump Sun 19-Mar-17 07:23:17

I think it's an easily avoidable accident and therefore should be highlighted; however, I don't think it is constructive to worry to much over it. Reasonable precautions, all the way; I'd keep using them.

miserableandinpain Sun 19-Mar-17 07:23:49

So i think she will be fine. She has been using them all these years and nothing happened. Try not to think about it and jhst make sure she knows to be careful x

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