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Next doors dog

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JessieMillz25 Sat 18-Mar-17 15:47:36

More of a WWYD. I am normally at work all day or out at the weekends so I have to admit I have never noticed this as badly before.
Today I have been in bed ill and next doors dog has not stopped crying/howling/barking all day. My neighbour told me when we moved in that the dog had anxiety so cried whenever she wasn't there. I'm concerned as my baby is due in 5 weeks and I'm worried that the dog will wake her up. Or will she be used to the sound of the dog, in the same way people don't turn the telly down for babies ect?

ShowMePotatoSalad Sat 18-Mar-17 15:50:07

Record the noises so that you have evidence of the duration and volume of the noise. You can call environmental health to report it.

sunshinesupermum Sat 18-Mar-17 15:51:50

Poor dog. Shouldn't be left for long periods if it is anxious!

seesensepeople Sat 18-Mar-17 15:51:54

All day? Is your neighbour ok?

JessieMillz25 Sat 18-Mar-17 15:55:20

She works a Saturday. Normally we are out doing bits and pieces but we are home today because I am poorly. I am a bit concerned about the poor dog because it is obviously suffering to be crying so much.

seesensepeople Sat 18-Mar-17 16:00:07

If you're sure she's ok and just out at work, I think you should go round and talk to her when she gets home. Explain just how distressed the dog has been and suggest she looks at some sort of pet sitting service.
The final straw would be the RSPCA but I would like to think she doesn't realise the extent of the distress and has convinced herself the dog settles a few minutes after she leaves - she may be mortified to hear about this.
Surely if it's a regular occurrence other neighbours would have been complaining.

Annesmyth123 Sat 18-Mar-17 16:02:20

All you can do is speak to the neighbour.

I had to complain to my neighbour. Similar situation the dog was howling every time they left. They are trying to do something and at least they're aware so they can try.

None of my other neighbours really heard it - semi detached house and the dog was left in the kitchen at the back of the house.

JessieMillz25 Sat 18-Mar-17 16:10:19

Thank you. Will try and convince OH to go have a chat I'm very tearful at the moment and think I would overreact and frighten the poor neighbor! This could all be an over reaction because I am tired and and got a migraine 😫. Thanks again for all the suggestions.

Crispbutty Sat 18-Mar-17 16:11:51

Is your neighbour usually at home all day?

If she is and is aware of her dogs problem it sounds like she had no choice today but to leave him for a while and it's just a one off hopefully.

Crispbutty Sat 18-Mar-17 17:02:50

Sorry I missed the bit about her working Saturdays. Maybe there is normally someone there with him or she takes him but something went wrong today and she had to work anyway.

As prev poster says, get your husband to call round when she gets in and let her know.

It could be that she had arranged for someone to be there but they didn't turn up and she isn't aware.

CatsDogsandDC Sat 18-Mar-17 19:14:55

To go back to the point raised in your original post, I really doubt the dog will disturb your baby. In my experience babies will sleep through pretty much anything and the worst thing you can do is try and keep everything quiet around them as this just gives you problems in the future. Mine have slept happily in busy restaurants, through extensive noisy building work and next to the washing machine on spin cycle.

Cherrysoup Sat 18-Mar-17 19:59:46

Also doubt baby will be woken, but it would drive me crazy to have constant barking/crying. I'd just go and steal the dog!

EmeraldScorn Sat 18-Mar-17 20:01:58

Sorry but are you saying that she leaves the dog outside? I hate people who do that!

I have two dogs but with work etc retired family members spend time with them during the day because I would never leave them alone for long periods, I most certainly wouldn't leave them outside and it pulls on my heart strings to read your description of the dog crying/being anxious.

My dogs are very attached to me, so they cry if I've gone for a shower and forgot to leave the bathroom door open (They like to sit on the mat and wait for me), they cry when I go out but my mummy does her best to comfort/distract them.

Dogs are like babies in many respects; Please do address the dog being upset asap with your neighbour as she may not even realise the severity of his/her anxiety.

Bookeatingboy Sat 18-Mar-17 20:04:41

Regardless of whether the dog will wake baby or not, a crying/barking dog all day is not acceptable and you shouldn't have to accept it.

Go see the neighbour and speak with them, if the poor dog is upset when they are out then they should be aware how bad is really is.

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