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To have just deep fried potatoes? I am in LOVE with them.

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JonesyAndTheSalad Sat 18-Mar-17 09:53:13

My oven is broken. I usually make roast potatoes in it when I fancy them but obviously couldn't.

So I par boiled a load of spuds and then shallow/deep fried them in a bloody wok and they were AMAZING.

I love all potatoes but God.

I'm almost sorry I discovered them. I haven't eaten anything cooked in oil like that since about 1985 when I was a kid!

ProudBadMum Sat 18-Mar-17 09:54:07

Eat them cold for breakfast. You can thank me later

Glossolalia Sat 18-Mar-17 09:55:40

Ooh, that sounds delicious. Are they like roast potatoes?

BarbaraofSeville Sat 18-Mar-17 09:57:46

Aren't they just chips in a different shape? Have you really not had chips since. 1985?

JonesyAndTheSalad Sat 18-Mar-17 10:28:26

Proud I ate them all blush

Gloss Kind of BUT NICER! The last batch I did were smaller than the first batch and so went very crispy. Oh my God they're EVERYTHING!

Barbara no. Nicer than chips.

I haven't had chips cooked in the old fashioned way at home since the 80s no! I've had chip shop chips but they pale into nothing compared to these.

ScrumpyBetty Sat 18-Mar-17 11:15:29

How did you shallow/deep fry them in a wok? How much oil did you use?
(Asking so I can replicate them later)

MusicToMyEars800 Sat 18-Mar-17 11:21:23

I have potatoes like this regularly grin I have to agree with you they are taste soooo good!! especially is you sprinkle with salt and dip in mayo when they are cooked, or try sprinkling with a piri piri seasoning I love them with Cajun spice. Proud yy especially in a frittata

JonesyAndTheSalad Sat 18-Mar-17 11:28:56

Betty I used a bland oil...might have been sunflower or rice....and I just poured about 3 inches of oil in and then when it was hot, I placed the potatoes in one by one with tongs. Then after a while, I flipped them with tongs.

Music I had salt on them yes...DIVINE!

JonesyAndTheSalad Sat 18-Mar-17 11:29:49

Oh and they were nice hot but when they had cooled a lot they were even better!

ImFuckingSpartacus Sat 18-Mar-17 11:31:56

I always use a wok, to make chips, tempura, falafel etc. Actually I don't even know what else you would use?

JonesyAndTheSalad Sat 18-Mar-17 11:45:29

SPartacus Mum always used a deep pan...I think a lot of people think you need tonnes of oil...enough to fully submerge things.

Of course you don't...but perhaps it's just habit. People use a deep pan with a net pan or whatever those things are called.

YellowBucket Sat 18-Mar-17 11:56:49

My DM used to do roast potatoes in batches this way before popping them in the oven for a few minutes (I think some restaurants may do it too). I really want some now. Crisp and fluffy Maris Pipers with loads of salt. Yum.

LoupGarou Sat 18-Mar-17 11:59:06

Grate some cheese on them and have them with gravy too, a delicious variant of poutine I picked up while living in Canada. They are delicious, I love potatoes done like this grin

JonesyAndTheSalad Sat 18-Mar-17 11:59:47

Oh gravy! Yes!

Deux Sat 18-Mar-17 12:04:47

Oh yum. I love potatoes.

I've not had them deep fried like this for years.

But my guilty pleasure is making sure I always boil up a couple of extra potatoes so that I can slice them up and fry them for lunch. Lots of salt and a fried egg. HP sauce or curry sauce optional extras.

Deux Sat 18-Mar-17 12:05:31

Potatoes (cooked any way really) + gravy = a complete meal.

LoupGarou Sat 18-Mar-17 12:07:44

Make sure you put the gravy in a separate pot though to dunk so you don't loose the crispiness of the potatoes grin

MusicToMyEars800 Sat 18-Mar-17 12:08:34

I love potato especially mashed drenched in gravy grin mm my god I am doing these for dinner, just need to decide what will go with them.

Coulddowithanap Sat 18-Mar-17 12:09:53

They are super tasty. Perfect for when doing a roast and forget to put the potatoes in to roast!

Piffpaffpoff Sat 18-Mar-17 12:10:33

My mil makes these with Christmas dinner and I would be happy to sit with just a plate of them with a bit of gravy. Mmmmmmm!

JonesyAndTheSalad Sat 18-Mar-17 12:21:58

Do you know, I'm actually sad that I'm full still. Or I'd be cooking more right now! grin

RentANDBills Sat 18-Mar-17 12:37:04

God damn this thread, I REALLY want fried potatoes now

PigletJohn Sat 18-Mar-17 12:40:25

I start my roasts off in deep fat, after parboiling, to get them golden coloured, before finishing in the oven.

you have to do small amounts at a time or the fat will be cooled, leading to greasiness.

I drain the fat off in a colander, and it cooks away in the oven.

IMO it is the best way to do roast potatoes, though it takes extra time and effort.

HemanOrSheRa Sat 18-Mar-17 12:45:54

Mmmmm. Fried potatoes. I like a sliced and fried potato sandwich with white bread, butter and ketchup. <strokes hobbity tum>

haveacupoftea Sat 18-Mar-17 12:48:51

Oh god i want potatoes so bad now. Lyonnaise potatoes are heaven.

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