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Both employers asking to keep things from the other

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DaffyDildo Fri 17-Mar-17 18:43:41

I work 50 hours a week as a nanny housekeeper. The couple I work are going through a bad patch. I have reasons to believe the mum is cheating.

Recently, the mum has asked me to hide any post that comes for her.

The dad has asked me to tell him about any post that comes for her.

The dad went away for 2 nights for work (regular occurance), the mum asked me to babysit the first night and to stay the night as she was visitng her best friend 2 hours away and staying the night there. I was told not to tell dad any of this.

There are other things I've been told/asked that I'm not to inform the other parent.

I do NOT want to be involved. I want to look after the children and that be it. I've told them I'm not comfortable with any of it but its continuing.

AIBU to think I shoulldn't be put in this position and what to do about it?

BillSykesDog Fri 17-Mar-17 18:49:58

I think you need to talk to them both separately and say that you are there to work and that you will not get involved. Tell the husband that it is not your job to monitor post and him asking you to do things like that is not part of your job and you will not do it.

Tell the wife that you will not lie for her to cover her movements. Tell her you will not work periods where she expects you to lie about where she's been. That is not in your contract either.

Be polite, but firm and say that you do not feel it is fair to ask you to do these things.

NeedsAsockamnesty Fri 17-Mar-17 19:51:35

Both parties should have a reasonable right to privacy and neither should be quizzing you about the other

BillSykesDog Fri 17-Mar-17 20:32:57

Neither should be asking her to lie though either sock.

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