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To send my DC to school today

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britespark1 Fri 17-Mar-17 07:14:11

Eldest DS (6) had woken up this morning saying he feels sick. Hasn't actually vomited at all. No temperature but looks tired. Nibbled on a biscuit and a tiny bit of toast. Normally I'd be happy to just let him stay at home but all of our DC recently had chicken pox so had a week off school for that. If I send him in and he is sick school wont be happy, if I keep him off unnecessarily then it affects his attendance......

Shylo Fri 17-Mar-17 07:15:34

I'd send him in ..... my kids have often complained of feeling sick but it's lead to nothing. The school will send him home if he is unwell

britespark1 Fri 17-Mar-17 07:19:06

That's what DH said too. Think I will risk it! Thanks for the reply.

897654321abcvrufhfgg Fri 17-Mar-17 07:19:06

Having the same dilemma. Son been off for 4 days with a high temp and still not quite right this morning. BUT he happily fought his brother and played PlayStation last night but has a headache this morning!

IamFriedSpam Fri 17-Mar-17 07:23:35

My DC go to a small village school and the youngest gets every bug going so I don't want to keep off when I don't have to. In that situation I usually take him but mention it to his teacher so she can keep an eye on him. Once she did feel he was going down hill and called me to come get him.

britespark1 Fri 17-Mar-17 07:24:11

Normally if it wasn't 100% genuine he'd have slipped a bit now, arguing with his brothers and scoffing a load of toast but he is just quiet sad. Argh, cant make up my mind!

Foffyouwanker Fri 17-Mar-17 07:26:41

Don't send him. Do you want to make all the other kids I'll?

FallenSky Fri 17-Mar-17 07:32:07

Hate situations like this. He could get to school and perk up and be perfectly fine for the rest of the day. Or like my DS did a few years ago, get to school and proceed to vomit over his teacher blush Felt awful about that one.

I'm usually one to send in and make teacher aware so that I can go and collect if they become worse. Sometimes once they're in school and around friends they forget about feeling unwell! Could you give the school a quick ring and see what they advise?

britespark1 Fri 17-Mar-17 07:38:22

Well he has just been sick anyway so that's settled that!

FallenSky Fri 17-Mar-17 07:43:32

Oh dear! Poor DS. Hope he feels better soon. At least it's Friday flowers

tinyterrors Fri 17-Mar-17 07:55:42

I usually go by how they are behaving. At one point or other I've sent all my dc's to school when they've complained of tummy ache, but they've also had no temperature, looked normal, acted as they usually do and eaten their breakfast like normal.

If they've complained of tummy ache and been off their food, been sat quietly instead of bouncing around and looked a bit off it then I usually keep them off. Every time they've been like this they've either started vomiting or their temperature has gone up and they've had an ear/throat infection.

As your ds is quiet and not really eaten I'd keep him off. He's likely got a vomiting bug or is just not feeling well and a rest day will do him good.

Normally I'm in the send them to school and school will send them home if needed camp, but if I think my dc's need to be at home then I keep them home.

britespark1 Fri 17-Mar-17 07:56:37

Yes I'm grateful for that at least. Fingers crossed the other two don't get it too........

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