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To not cook a traditional roast on Sunday?

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Lolo37 Fri 17-Mar-17 05:40:12

We have friends coming for lunch on Sunday and I don't feel like spending all morning preparing a roast. Do you think they would expect a roast or is something else ok? Haven't thought of other options yet but relatively effort free would be good! What do you all think?

Anniegetyourgun Fri 17-Mar-17 05:44:36

I think you should speak to them!

NewIdeasToday Fri 17-Mar-17 05:44:38

I've never cooked a roast in my life. Cook whatever you fancy.

hellhasnofurylikeahungrywoman Fri 17-Mar-17 05:47:42

Cook whatever you like (unless you stumble across some ancient law that states 'Thou shalt have roast on Sundays)

londonrach Fri 17-Mar-17 05:49:48

Last time we had a roast..xmas dinner. Cook what you want. I know want a roast.

Yika Fri 17-Mar-17 05:57:01

I wouldn't expect a roast just because it's Sunday lunch ... but a roast is pretty easy, not much prep.

wonderingagain21 Fri 17-Mar-17 06:01:14

I'd probably do a roast but buy Aunty Bessie's frozen roast potatoes, parsnips, yorkshires, frozen peas & then you just need to chop carrots.

pilotswife Fri 17-Mar-17 06:02:18

Do Tessa Kiros Greek Slow Roast Lamb - 5 min prep and sooo easy - whack it in the oven for a few hours serve with taziki and green salad

AnoiseAnnoysanOyster Fri 17-Mar-17 06:04:06

I wouldn't expect a roast just because it's Sunday. Cook whatever you like.

Mysterycat23 Fri 17-Mar-17 06:04:34

A fry up is traditional grin

Nquartz Fri 17-Mar-17 06:05:24

I wouldn't expect a roast just because it's Sunday. However, a whole chicken in the slow cooker is really easy particularly if you use frozen roast potatoes & veg

EeyoreNeededMedication Fri 17-Mar-17 06:21:26

Roasts are one of the easiest meals and certainly in terms of not needing to check on it whilst your guests are there.

Veg can be prepared the day before (peeled spuds, mash made, carrots or what have you prepared). Meat in a roasting pan. Potatoes around them. Boil veg. Keep water for gravy. Relax.

A slow cooked or pressure cooked ham is just as hassle free with salad and pre-prepped mash.

Pies. Make the filling the day before and put the (shop-bought) pastry on just before it goes in the oven.

If you do a roast, red meat can be the most kitchen-time consuming as you don't want it overcooked. Chicken's a bit easier to cook and everyone likes it cooked properly as opposed to beef with people having a preference.

Travelledtheworld Fri 17-Mar-17 06:22:04

Do a huge lasagne with two sorts of salads and lots of garlic bread ?
Then you can make it in advance and enjoy a glass of wine with them when they arrive......

Perhaps phone them in advance to check arrival time and cheerfully anmince " oh, I dedicated not to do a roast, but we are having lasagne"
Red wine would be good.

MistyMinge Fri 17-Mar-17 06:24:53

I also find no pleasure in cooking a roast.

I'd do a big lasagne, cottage pie or something like a tagine or beef in red wine.

LarrytheCucumber Fri 17-Mar-17 06:25:13

I agree with Eeyore. We have roast every Sunday. Put it on at 180 before church. When we get back put on pre prepared veg, serve whenever guests (or other members of family) arrive.

1horatio Fri 17-Mar-17 06:26:38

I wouldn't expect a roast.

They should be happy with whatever you cook, tbh.

However, I do agree with EeyoreNeededMedication's comment.

GreatFuckability Fri 17-Mar-17 06:28:37

If someone else is feeding me, i don't care what they cook!

PrimalLass Fri 17-Mar-17 06:30:44

It's the last thing I would cook if friends were coming.

OliviaStabler Fri 17-Mar-17 06:30:48

Why does a roast take all morning to prepare? Just do what Eeyore said. Job done.

HollyBollyBooBoo Fri 17-Mar-17 06:31:28

I wouldn't expect a roast but they're not hard work - certainly easier than making a massive lasagne from scratch.

ShowMePotatoSalad Fri 17-Mar-17 06:36:56

Roasts aren't hard to prepare or cook. It's the washing up I can't stand.

Oliversmumsarmy Fri 17-Mar-17 06:44:08

Why does a roast take all morning to prepare. Peel potatoes into oven proof dish with oil all over. Roast into another oven proof dish with water. Peel and chop veg into very big pan. Water in, lid on. Done.

Oliversmumsarmy Fri 17-Mar-17 06:46:24

Or we have a farm shop near us that does a range of ready made frozen food and you can get the oven proof dish that they fit into.

SorrelSoup Fri 17-Mar-17 06:46:47

I'd just ask them. I'd love a curry with all the trimmings.

amberdillyduck Fri 17-Mar-17 06:50:41

A roast is really easy to cook even with homemade gravy and yorkshires. It is a great meal if you have friends because it cooks whilst you chat and you can speed it up or slow it down if they arrive early or late.

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