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To think its time to change Estate Agents?

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joystir59 Thu 16-Mar-17 17:40:51

I will try and keep it short- I know this should be in Property/DIY but I'm desperate for quick responses from people who are or have recently been involved in buying and selling your house. We have been in a chain since Nov 16. Our buyer's buyer dropped out in January, our buyer then got another buyer- and we strongly suspect this buyer has now pulled out too. So we are back on the market and feeling let down and frustrated- it looks like we will lose our dream house now as our vendor cant keep waiting and has put the house back on the market. Is there any mileage in changing estate agents? Ours knows the local market but perhaps we just feel the need to take some sort of action, take control in some way. Grrrrr!

Shellym13 Thu 16-Mar-17 17:42:06

Hi joystir what area are you in, please see my post further down. A very happy ending x

ChicRock Thu 16-Mar-17 17:44:16

Is your buyer also selling their house with the same agent? If so then it's in the agents best interest to keep you with them, ie. feeding you a pack of lies about the progression of their sale.

At this point I'd swap agents. Or At the very least I'd instruct the agents to re-start advertising immediately and get you some more viewers pronto.

Bluntness100 Thu 16-Mar-17 17:46:05

I wouldn't swap agents no, I think it would make very little difference to be honest.

joystir59 Thu 16-Mar-17 17:47:05

No one in the chain has the same agent Chic, but yes I've just spoken to him and said we want new photos and back out to market asap.

We are in West London Shelly Which post further down?

joystir59 Thu 16-Mar-17 17:48:17

It is unbelievable being on this roller coaster all this time! We wish we'd never accepted the offer in the first place now. 6 months we've been at this!

joystir59 Thu 16-Mar-17 17:50:00

Bluntness- I suspect you are right. I mean, they all use Rightmove etc, and they all use the same language to keep everyone sweet. Our's is at least responsive and knows the local market.

Boiing Thu 16-Mar-17 17:50:52

Personally I would swap agents. I did after 3 months no sale and the new agent got 2 offers in the first week. Also changing agents basically gets you a free 'relaunch' with new pics and a more recent 'when added to website' date. Sorry its been so rubbish. We lost a great house (and as a result, £80k) when our evil lying buyer decided she didn't feel like moving house after all...

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