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To not follow doctor's advice about DS' diarrhoea?

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bgmama Thu 16-Mar-17 13:16:50

Two weeks ago my DS (15 mo) started having diarrhoea. It is the mild type, a few creamy poos per day (sorry tmi). At the beginning I put him on the BRAT diet and made sure he had enough water etc. but as the days went on and it didn't stop I took him to the doctor. We don't live in the UK and I guess the guidelines here are a bit different. The doctor prescribed some medication and asked me to put him on a very strict diet. Nothing but dry toast and crackers for two days and then start re-introducing him to normal foods very slowly. No milk and yoghurt, not fruits and vegetables for the first days. I followed this and he seemed to go back to normal for a couple of days, but today he is more or less back to his normal diet again and he had two loose stools again.
AIBU to think the diet the doctor reccommended was unneccessarily strict? Should I continue with normal/BRAT diet? Is two weeks too long and should I be worried? DS is active and well, no other symptoms.

halcyondays Thu 16-Mar-17 13:18:22

Go back to the doctor, could it be an allergy or something?

Sidge Thu 16-Mar-17 13:22:02

Diarrhoea is liquid poo, not creamy poos.

If he is having loose stools rather than liquid stools I'd look at his diet. Does he drink a lot of squash? That can cause toddler 'diarrhoea'. Did he have formed stools prior to 2 weeks ago? If it's a new thing for him to have loose stools then maybe keep a food and poo diary and see if there are any links between what he's eating and drinking and how his poo is.

Are his poos white, floaty or foul smelling? If so see the GP again. They may require a stool sample. If he's otherwise well with no vomiting, weight loss or change in behaviour I wouldn't be too alarmed but I would keep an eye on it and get him checked over if not improving.

araiwa Thu 16-Mar-17 13:22:46

yeah, wtf do doctors know about healthcare?


bgmama Thu 16-Mar-17 14:20:02

Mmm I don't think it's an allergy, as I haven't introduced any new foods lately. He doesn't drink any squash either. OK I guess I'll keep an eye on him and go back to the doctor if things don't improve. Should I continue with normal diet?

Noodoodle Thu 16-Mar-17 15:32:31

Why don't you cut one thing out at a time for say a week, and see how he goes, maybe you will find the thing that's messing with his tummy? If there are no other symptoms of illness that's what I'd do.

Noodoodle Thu 16-Mar-17 15:34:21

Also allergies can develop or worsen. Maybe he has an intolerance to something. Hes not old enough yet to say you know all his allergies.

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