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To think Afternoon Tea is over hyped?

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brasty Wed 15-Mar-17 23:44:14

I can enjoy an Afternoon Tea, but I think it is over hyped. It is after all sandwiches, cakes and scones.These can taste lovely, but is boring compared to a beautifully made meal.

Babyroobs Wed 15-Mar-17 23:45:45

I had a disappointing one a few weeks ago - crumbled macaroons, boring sandwiches ( plain ham and plain cheese!), and they ran out of clotted cream !.

BackforGood Thu 16-Mar-17 00:01:55

I think it's the "taking time out of busy life to sit, relax and chat with friends" bit that makes it so nice.
I do like an nice afternoon tea though, so I'm going to have to say YABU.

TinselTwins Thu 16-Mar-17 00:08:56

yeah…. it's nice if you have good company, it's a different dynamic to sitting for a formal meal, so that's nice.

I don't really like even good afternoon teas themselves though - make you feel full/bloated yet stil hungry somehow… but I do enjoy the ritual...

MrsJayy Thu 16-Mar-17 00:23:58

My friend said the other week i have booked afternoo n tea my heart sank never ever appealed but it was lovely teeny sandwiches little cakes you could eat and chat drink tea .with lunch/dinner you are concentrating on the food so it doesnt go cold I am a convert. Yanbu if you dont like it though

Notmyrealname85 Thu 16-Mar-17 00:29:24

I've been to some depressing and stingey ones sad you either want good quantity and ability to sit for ages with friends without being rushed by management... Or fancy smile Once went to a place in London called Sketch and it was amazing! And you got free refills on everything smile

PigletJohn Thu 16-Mar-17 00:32:09


perhaps you get so many you just don't appreciate it any more.

DioneTheDiabolist Thu 16-Mar-17 00:35:21

It is the perfect meal to eat alone, while reading a book.

nocoolnamesleft Thu 16-Mar-17 00:36:18

A decent afternoon tea is lovely.

MaryMorpho Thu 16-Mar-17 00:36:44

It can be overpriced and depressing, but if it's really nice fancy cake and sandwiches, I love it. Hardly ever do it, but on a special occasion or on a British holiday it can be fab.

Friends had it at their wedding, after the ceremony, to fill that endless gap before the meal when they're having photos done. It was amazing! I have also had an afternoon tea of the gods at an elderly relative's funeral, and everyone was able to really relax and chat. It can be a very comforting thing.

avamiah Thu 16-Mar-17 00:42:13

Absolutely,I couldn't agree more.
I live in London and for a Easter Treat I have promised to take my daughter for a traditional afternoon tea at the Ritz .
I have been many years ago and it was a absolutely amazing experience.
Totally British and the best cup of earl grey tea I have ever had and the most perfect egg mayonnaise tiny finger sandwich you could imagine.

GoodnightSeattle Thu 16-Mar-17 00:44:03

Nope afternoon tea is the absolute business.

Everything is cakey and so tiny I feel like a G I A N T cake

Pinkheart5915 Thu 16-Mar-17 00:45:12

I love afternoon tea, but you have to find a good place. Nothing beats fresh white bread sandwiches, scones and cakes with champagne!

avamiah Thu 16-Mar-17 00:46:50

RITZ, London, Piccadilly.

Pinkheart5915 Thu 16-Mar-17 00:47:59

avamiah I've been to the Ritz and I love it 😍

LaPharisienne Thu 16-Mar-17 00:48:39


venys Thu 16-Mar-17 00:50:21

Have only done it three times. They were pretty fancy ones and were the business. I wouldn't go if it was bog standard sarnies and scones.

SparkleTwinkleGoldGlitter Thu 16-Mar-17 00:50:30

Afternoon tea is the best! Once you find a place that goes all out

highinthesky Thu 16-Mar-17 00:53:10

I love the whole afternoon tea experience. However I don't like paying silly prices for it and do a much better job myself at home with added bubbles cake

avamiah Thu 16-Mar-17 00:57:09

Yes,it's the Best, but i believe the Dorchester Hotel on Park Lane is trying for the No 1 spot in London.

AlmostAJillSandwich Thu 16-Mar-17 01:01:55

Went once a few months back, hated it!
They literally only served tea, coffee or tap water, none of which i like.
The sandwiches were tuna mayo (hate tuna) Ham (hate ham) grated raw carrot (hate raw carrot!) and this weird parma ham type stuff with cheese.
I picked the weird hammy type stuff off 2 tiny cheese triangle sandwiches, which had dry bread (half white half brown, don't like brown bread either) and way too much butter, and sat there so awkwardly.
The cake selection was that party platter type stuff from iceland, i had one mini (we're talking not even little finger sized) eclair and it tasted like it had been frozen thawed. Not a fan of scones with fruit, macarons, or vanilla slices as i just don't like cream or coconut.

The company of who i was with wasn't even good, an aunt who hadn't bothered with me in 6 1/2 years since my mums death, sister who thankfully did enjoy the food, and cousins pregnant daughter, the only person i actually went out to see. Aunt talked about just herself, never asked how i was, then called herself a brilliant listener on the way home!

Went NC with her afterwards and the entire of my mums family took her side, not the fault of the afternoon tea of course, but not helped my view of it.

TinselTwins Thu 16-Mar-17 01:08:11

Oh dear Almost, do you mind that I laughed a little at your description? (especially the "good listener part")

GoodnightSeattle Thu 16-Mar-17 01:08:28

Jill any reason you went to afternoon tea despite not liking tea, common sandwich fillings or scones? hmm

MaryMorpho Thu 16-Mar-17 01:19:19

not the fault of the afternoon tea of course sorry but grin in your description it did sound like the tea contributed! Only on MN could a dire afternoon tea end up with going NC with a relative.

(I have gone NC with rellies myself so not having a go at you, but it was a funny description)

avamiah Thu 16-Mar-17 01:20:59

Try dim sum next time.

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