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To not want to go to breakfast

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MadJeffBarn Wed 15-Mar-17 10:05:54

Im the working parent, dh is the SAHD. Every Wednesday (after my working week finishes) I get a lie in. On Thursdays, dh gets a lie in. I leave him to it, if he wakes up and decides to watch TV I let him crack on, it's his time to chill. Every Wednesday, without fail, he and the youngest will pile into my bed about 9.30 whether I'm asleep or not, and ask if I'm coming to breakfast. When I inevitably say no, I'm accused of not wanting to spend time with them. I do understand to an extent, as when I'm working I barely see the kids for 3/4 days (12 hour shifts) but then I have three days off to spend with them. I get up around 11. Aibu to just want to sleep? Or have a shower in peace, take time to do my hair and makeup after 4 days of being covered in crap and blood? Am I bad parent for not immediately jumping back into parenting mode?

jojo2916 Wed 15-Mar-17 10:45:49

Not at all it's hard to do 12 hour shifts in a hard job when your missing your little ones, you have to detach a bit and probably can easier as you know your kids are with their dad who doesn't work so is there with them all the time, I'm sure you would love not to go into work some days and be at home with the kids, if you are doing 12 hour shifts you are cramming a weeks work into a few days lay ins after this are part of working shift work, if you were both working ft you may not be able to be as one of you is a Sahp you should be able to have a lie in etc after doing 12 hour shift ffs , being a Sahp is also 12 hr shifts and more, I understand this but the parent at home gets more chance to do things for them self ie make a phone call walk to the park with the kids , meet friends for coffee , no where near as hard as 12 hr hard graft shifts I've done both jobs btw.

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