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Extra activities for 3yo. Not sure what's best for him

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punkpuffin Tue 14-Mar-17 21:58:35

My 3yo son is very outgoing and very lovely. He constantly needs to be doing something and he hates being in the house all day. With that in mind I signed him up for drama classes on a Saturday as DH works Saturday's so I sometimes struggled to keep Ds entertained all day especially through winter. He has been going for 2 months, it took him the first month to settle and I considered stopping as he got upset at the idea of going (but loved it when he got there). The principal told me last week how happy she is that he's settled now and that he is joining in and loving it. However now he's received a birthday invite for nearly every Saturday the next 2 months and the one Saturday he hasn't got a birthday invite its his playgroups Easter fair which i know he would love. He loved playgroup and I feel like he should be at his playgroup friends parties but i don't want to remove him from something he's just started to enjoy. AIBU to remove him from drama just because he has birthday invites (he might not get another for the rest of the year).

Crumbs1 Tue 14-Mar-17 22:06:02

Leave him at drama. He won't even know his old playgroup companions are having parties. He'll get lots of invitations in the next few years anyway.

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