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Average salaries are too high says rich CEO

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Natsku Tue 14-Mar-17 18:15:13

Of course I'm not BU in thinking this guy needs to shut the fuck up, am I? The utter cheek of someone earning 70 times the average salary moaning the average workers are paid too much! Especially after those workers just agreed to a deal that is not in their benefit for the sake of the companies and their 'competitiveness'

highinthesky Tue 14-Mar-17 18:18:29

Perhaps he should lead by example. The asshole.

witsender Tue 14-Mar-17 18:19:52

If i don't laugh I'll cry.

ilovesooty Tue 14-Mar-17 18:44:13


Natsku Tue 14-Mar-17 18:54:01

I have an overwhelming desire to slap him silly (in a figurative manner of course). I'm certainly going to change my phone company (currently with the company he is CEO of) which is a pity as they have good deals for PAYG phones but can't contribute to someone like that.

honeyroar Tue 14-Mar-17 19:26:57

This is what most CEOs think now, cut their workforce's wages and add it to their bonus. The trouble is, the general public don't care, and criticise anyone fighting for worker's rights, and use companies that are well known for poor worker's rights and treatment (Amazon and Uber, for example) because they save a pound or two. Nobody looks at the big picture, just what suits them. If we think kids have it tough getting jobs and the property ladder now, God knows what it will be like in the future. Zero hour contracts and minimum wage.

orangebobble Tue 14-Mar-17 19:32:52

Yes, because that is what will make this world between. Making the gap between the wealthiest and poorest even largest. hmm

Astoria7974 Tue 14-Mar-17 19:40:56

The average salary in India in some quarters and industries is 30-40k sterling per year when you include inflationary bonuses. Yet people still outsource because there's more room for India to grow and it's where particular engineering skills are at the moment. Having said that, however, all it would take is for the UK government to start prioritizing engineering skills properly amongst kids and in 10-15 years the UK would be able to directly compete.

Natsku Wed 15-Mar-17 06:08:18

Dread to think what the future will be like, especially in the UK (I still have hope in Finland...)

DoctorTwo Wed 15-Mar-17 06:27:37

Read Postcapitalism-A Guide To Our Future by Paul Mason and you'll understand why this arsepiece said this.

Will add to this later, gotta go to work

Natsku Wed 15-Mar-17 14:49:53

Read the Wiki entry on that book, seems interesting. Moving to a post-capitalist society would probably be the right thing now that automation is taking over more and more jobs.

MumW Wed 15-Mar-17 14:57:17

He could single handedly reduce that average by giving up his massive remuneration package and drawing an average Finnish wage instead. Can't see him doing that so he should keep his gob shut and his opinions to himself.

Idefix Wed 15-Mar-17 15:12:23

I will give him a raise... biscuit

He truely will have no idea how the rest of us live.

DoctorTwo Wed 15-Mar-17 19:09:56

I suspect that Mr Mattila will announce, in a couple of years, that to compete in 'the open market' Elisa will have to relocate to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia or even North Korea as labour costs are too high in Finland, proving Mason's theory once again that labour is where the value is in capitalism.

Neoliberalism is going to disappear up its own arse soon as pretty soon there will be no more countries cheaper than those I mentioned. As any fule kno, you can never taper a Ponzi Scheme.

Natsku Wed 15-Mar-17 19:17:37

I hope not DoctorTwo I'd like to hope for more from a big Finnish company, a bit of loyalty to the country perhaps, an outrage from customers and shareholders if it makes such a move. I just can't be that pessimistic - he's just one man in the company, I'd hope the rest of the people in charge would have better attitudes. And hopefully this statement will have consequences for him.

DoctorTwo Wed 15-Mar-17 20:22:57

One word Natsku. Nokia.

EnormousTiger Wed 15-Mar-17 21:23:57

So what is the average salary in Finland and how does that compare to the UK one?

Natsku Wed 15-Mar-17 21:26:08

Well Nokia went downhill well before they sold out as they didn't foresee the smartphone era. They still make good wellies though.

On the other hand, there's been companies that left Finland to pursue cheaper labour and actually returned in recent years.

I do think as consumers we ought to bear some of the blame too, buying products made in China etc. because they're cheaper. I try my best to buy products made in Finland wherever possible.

Natsku Wed 15-Mar-17 21:31:42

As far as I can figure out its around 3,300 euros a month so 39k (is that right?)

stopfuckingshoutingatme Wed 15-Mar-17 21:36:53

In Finland - ahem . So calm down !

Mise1978 Wed 15-Mar-17 21:51:55

I think Nokia "gumboots" is not the same company as the phone company. And even before the company went downhill, they employed a lot of foreigners. They were NOT on small salaries. They all appeared to have very nice salaries. I had foreign friends who had huge salaries, even as the lower people in the totem pole.

The income of 3300Euros a month is not really that realistic actually. The very high earners are able to bring that amount up. Otherwise I think a more realistic number is 2500-3000Euros and then they pay a whole lot more in taxes for that. It is not a cheap country to live in.

No one will fight any kind of move to Asia. Finnish people are so passive. Even their demonstrations out front of the Parliament are actually quite lame. Just hippy young people with no life skills, demanding bla bla bla. Finnish people just don't really seem to care. Why should they? They are so well taken care of, real life problems don't seem to get them even that little bit excited. This only happens when they are drunk grin.

I am so glad I got out of that country. Socialism will not last a whole lot longer. The country is going to implode. These so call non-existent high salaries the CEO is blabbering about will be the least of their problems, soon enough.

Natsku Thu 16-Mar-17 09:41:12

I live in Finland Stopfucking so I rather care about this.

My uncle worked for Nokia, I suppose he did have a rather generous salary.

The mode average is around 2500 which, after tax, is just the right amount of money to live fairly decently.

They'll stop being so passive if things get worse, and they're not even that passive, just not so loud compared to demonstrators elsewhere.

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