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pre employment health check please help

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user1489503362 Tue 14-Mar-17 15:04:46

Dear All,
I have been offered a new job and I signed the contract. I had to answer a questionnaire regarding my health. I am fine except I had to say I had stress-related issues. I had to do so as in the last year I was off on sick leave for three months due to problems that I was facing at work and made me impossible to go. while I was off I found this job. Now occupational health has set a telephone call. I am fricking out the new employer withdraw the offer based on the fact that until recently I was off sick for work-related stress. I was happy until I read they can withdraw the offer. I am totally fit to work. I was off because of the problem I was facing in that particular office! Any help??

peachgreen Tue 14-Mar-17 15:19:43

If the call is from occupational health it will most likely be a box-ticking exercise to prove that they've offered to make suitable adjustments for you. If you're totally fit to work, just explain it was stress caused by a specific situation and won't be a problem in future. Legally they COULD withdraw the offer (providing your offer letter states that the offer is conditional subject to checks and references) but they'd be on pretty dodgy ground as there is precedence for stress being covered by the DDA as a disability meaning it would be illegal to withdraw the offer.

Ultimately I think if the call was coming from the recruiter or HR you'd maybe have something to worry about but if it's OH and you feel completely fit to work you'll be fine. Hope it goes well!

LaLagland Tue 14-Mar-17 15:25:13

thanks a lot for the answer. In the old workplace I was forced to do thigs going against my ethic and this caused awkward behaviour from colleagues. It was an impossible situation. My sick leave ended few days ago. In the meantime I even went to a CBT therapist that said CBT was not for me as the cause of stress was real and not based on my inability to manage my emotions. My doctor is not even contemplating the fact I should not work and I am not taking any medicines...

LaLagland Tue 14-Mar-17 15:25:46

PS I updated the nickname... I posted the discussion smile

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