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To put photos of other people on my wall?

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Lovetolaugh123 Mon 13-Mar-17 19:25:09

i.e. photos of family & friends from our wedding day?

I want to do a wall of framed photos in my front room, & most pics I want to display are from our wedding day. WIBU to include photos with other people on? Is this the done thing? Should I ask them first if they mind, & if they like the photo? Or am I thinking too much into this?

Not sure if I'm being weird about it, I just know some people can be funny about their photos (think they look unflattering etc?). My DSis has a photo of me & her up in her house that I always secretly cringe at (it's not a great 1 of me!) but I don't really mind it I guess.

Also not sure if the whole idea in general may look a bit tacky, like a bit of a 'shrine to us', 'don't we look fabulous' sort of thing - but I like the idea of them being up on the wall rather than stuck in an album that no one ever sees or looks at!

Any thoughts?

NotTheBelleoftheBall Mon 13-Mar-17 19:31:42

I love that there is a photo of skinny dancing 20 year old me in my friend's conservatory and a photo of me as their bridesmaid on their wall. I'm really touched every time I see it.

Lovetolaugh123 Thu 16-Mar-17 07:37:51

That's nice, I hope that's how people would feel about my wall too! Think I'll just go for it, it's my wall after all, I can put what I want up!

GoodyGoodyGumdrops Thu 16-Mar-17 07:40:20

As long as it's not your Facebook wall, YANBU at all. Your living room wall is private.

And it's not tacky, it's a memory of a wonderful day and the wonderful people with whom you shared it.

ShowMePotatoSalad Thu 16-Mar-17 07:41:38

I would be delighted if my friend did this (so long as it was a flattering photo!)

Leopardpink Thu 16-Mar-17 08:25:11

My friend has a photo wall like this in her hall/staircase/landing and I always find it really flattering that I am included. They are kind of grouped chronologically with all the wedding pics together etc. It's lovely.

MinnowAndTheBear Thu 16-Mar-17 08:28:11

Wedding photos are lovely. Photos where one is two days post-childbirth and wearing a dressing gown are not. I'm looking at you BIL

EverythingEverywhere1234 Thu 16-Mar-17 08:31:33

I didn't even know people would think twice about this? I've two huge collage frames upstairs and they're filled with photos of my siblings/friends/other family, sometimes with me too and sometimes not. I love them and the photos make me smile hoping they don't all think I'm a creepy loon now

Catsize Thu 16-Mar-17 08:34:21

I think it is a nice idea. I thought I had me a kindred spirit when I read the title, as I cannot understand my partner's desire to have arty photos of random strangers on the walls of our home.

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