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Mum is at the end of tether with thyroid!

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Twopeapods Mon 13-Mar-17 16:50:03

I'm posting for traffic so apologies.
My mum is sitting here in tears.
She's had an under active thyroid since early thirties and her dosage has been changed a few times over the last year. She is feeling very unwell. Results about one year ago

TSH 18.95
T4 15.4

Then 6 months later
TSH 2.93
T4 not tested.
Can anyone interpret these results as my mum is really unsure of it all, as am I.

thewavesofthesea Mon 13-Mar-17 16:59:54

Top one - subclincal hypothyroidism
(Thyroid is having to work hard to produce a normal amount of T4)

Bottom one normal. If TSH is normal many labs don't test the T4.

Impossible to tell how this fits with your mum's symptoms without seeing her. See GP if she is unwell

thewavesofthesea Mon 13-Mar-17 17:00:57

PS hypothyroid means underactive thyroid

phlebasconsidered Mon 13-Mar-17 17:10:08

Bottom one is now within the normal range, but the number that makes you feel well is dofferent for everyone. I am not well unless my tsh is at 0 and completely suppressed. Plus, just because your tsh is "normal" it doesn't necessarily mean your t4 is. Or that your antibodies aren't still high.

The standard response of most gp's to thyroid disease is shit. You really need to fight to be listened to. I was ignored for years until i was hospitalised, and ive since spent 10 years under Addenbrookes! There is a very good symptom list on the Thyroid UK website so go through it with her and go along to the next appointment. With that TSH there is absolutely no reason why she can't have an increase in dose.

I also wonder how old she is. My antibodies flared and my results went all over the place as my perimenopause started.

What a lovely daughter you are. You can't "see" how shit thyroid disease makes you feel ( unless you lose all your body hair like I did!) It must be very helpful to have you take her seriously and not just say that the tests now say normal.

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