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To be thinking about a new job already?

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SharkiraSharkira Mon 13-Mar-17 14:20:36

I'm currently working part time as I am studying at uni but this is my last year and I am really trying to get a job that I can stay in and build a career in. I work in catering.

I started a new job in a start up company about a month ago. So far its been really good - I like the bosses, the work and workload is fine, and the working conditions are great. My collegues are also lovely and I get on with them really well which are all great plus points.

I find everything is all absolutely fine until we get busy. At that point, however, everything changes and I find the work a lot harder than it should be. The main problem is with the manager tbh, I feel really bad even writing this because she is really lovely but she just is completely clueless. This is her first job in about a decade and she just has no experience of working in this industry. She runs around like a headless chicken and doesn't know how to do anything without help, meaning that other staff members have to stop what we are doing to help her, and when I need help half the time I need to stop what I'm doing so I can do it myself because she can't. So I'm trying to do my job and hers simultaneously and its so stressful when we are busy.

We are currently in a quiet time of the year and I just can't deal with the thought that we might get twice as busy when we'll still have the same situation with not having a proper person working alongside me who knows what they are doing.

I don't know what to do. I would try talking to the bosses/to her directly but there have been many times so far where I've tried to offer my opinion and advice and I just get ignored. Aibu to just look for something else or keep at it and hope it gets better?

SharkiraSharkira Mon 13-Mar-17 16:41:28

Am I being overly harsh? Should I just try and talk to her? I would feel awful going to my boss and explaining what she could do better/differently but I just can't cope with the idea of it being busy everyday and having to do everything myself.

Astro55 Mon 13-Mar-17 16:44:30

Why not speak generally to the bosses?

Raise it as X routine isn't working very well - could we try it X way?

Keep it about the companybwould benefit if we didnX rather than about you or her iyswim

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