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AIBU about kids food portions?

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EJREsMum Mon 13-Mar-17 14:17:37

Just seen a post on here about size of portions for young kids.

AIBU in thinking that if the kid eats it all is it really a problem?

Also what if the kid doesn't eat much during the day but eats at dinner time? Then is a larger than normal portion still not acceptable?

For example my little boy is 18months. Breakfast he'll have 1 weetabix. Lunch time he wont touch much apart from maybe half a banana and a yogurt. But at dinner time hes got his appetite back so he'll have for example - 3 fish fingers a potato waffle and a handful of veg/salad. I thought this was fine, but I've just read this is the portion size someone gives their 5yo??? I understand that kids have different appetites but now I'm thinking I'm over feeding him come dinner time?

AIBU and over feeding the poor kid? or am I just making up for wasted food at lunch time?

Anyone in a similar boat? or can give me examples of portion sizes they give/gave their toddlers? confused

ps. he never wastes dinner either

SummerHouse Mon 13-Mar-17 14:23:25

You have to add your own context.

People will tell me smoothies are full of sugar but in the context of the diet of a boy who eats no fruit (will actually gag on it) then they are good in.

Trifleorbust Mon 13-Mar-17 14:26:49

Provided the food is nourishing and your child isn't overweight, I wouldn't panic. Sounds fine to me.

user1471521456 Mon 13-Mar-17 14:27:13

I had the opposite.Toddlers that would fill up on breakfast.Big bowls of porridge or 2 or 3 weetabix plus fruit but eat virtually nothing for lunch or dinner.

DubiousCredentials Mon 13-Mar-17 14:27:51

Large plateful of vegetables/salad with appropriate portion of carbs and protein = fine.

Large plateful of chips with something in orange breadcrumbs and spaghetti hoops - not fine.

Areyoufree Mon 13-Mar-17 14:28:46

My daughter used to eat like a horse. But only breakfast and lunch, she would often skip dinner. I think most kids regulate their eating pretty well, when given healthy food. Personally, i don't think this is not a good place to ask opinions on food for children - although some people are really helpful, others just seem to want to put people down. Your little boy sounds like he has a varied diet, and is doing fine.

tinypop4 Mon 13-Mar-17 14:29:01

My dc eat way more than a normal portion for breakfast, hardly any lunch and then a normal sized dinner for their age. It all evens out over the day although I think huge portions of food 3 times a day plus snacks is too much

Areyoufree Mon 13-Mar-17 14:30:11

What is wrong with me today? I don't think this is a good place is what i meant, not i don't think this is not a good place. Unless that was a Freudian slip...

splendide Mon 13-Mar-17 14:30:15

I worry about this - my 2 year old eats huge amounts.

I don't know if I'm meant to restrict him.

00100001 Mon 13-Mar-17 14:31:16

Ignore Mumsnet.

You ponly have to types of children on here:

1) Sparrow Tummy : where they exists quote happily on 1/2 a grape a week
2) Human Dustbin : where a 3 year old will eat a whole loaf of bread and 1lb of cheese just as a snack

Neither of them will be under/over weight or malnourished in anyway.

tinypop4 Mon 13-Mar-17 14:32:13

Splendide if you are offering healthy food then I wouldn't worry too much. I tend to go with servings on a toddler sized plate. If they want more I will give them more vegetables or salad. At breakfast mine will often ask for more food but later in the day pretty much never. Start small!

TheOnlyLivingToyInNewYork Mon 13-Mar-17 14:33:51

If you have healthy, normal weight children and reasonably healthy food, you don't need to stress too much about portion sizes. Small children are very good at regulating their own appetite anyway, in general. when you start messing with that and over-riding them you can cause problems.

tinypop4 Mon 13-Mar-17 14:33:52

Also agree with pp Mumsnet is not the place to cxheck- it's awash with weight and food based threads at the moment !

BitchQueen90 Mon 13-Mar-17 14:35:26

I don't think portion sizes matter too much. My 3yo DS eats me out of house and home but he is tall for his age and very active (we walk everywhere etc) and not overweight at all.

What is on the plate however is a different matter. Large portions of junk food regularly is a no for me.

Example - today DS had a bowl of porridge with banana and strawberries and an apple for breakfast. Mid morning he had 2 rice cakes with peanut butter and grapes. Lunch time scrambled eggs, toast, cheese string, cucumber and carrot sticks and natural yogurt. He'll have a snack at nursery and probably another piece of toast when he gets home. Dinner we are having chilli with rice and nachos and he will have a rice pudding or sugar free jelly after.

Doesn't sound like you are overfeeding him to me. Providing he is a healthy weight.

NSEA Mon 13-Mar-17 14:36:46

I read on mumsnet once that the way to judge if a child is healthy is to see if you can see their ribcage. Apparently if you can't, then your child is overweight or worse. Except my dd is on the 9 percentile for weight and I've never seen her ribs.

I wouldn't look for advice on mumsnet about these things. You know your child best. Not ill informed judgemental mums on a forum.

NSEA Mon 13-Mar-17 14:38:07

Should point out I don't believe all of mumsnet is judgemental, I just think hou jave bad eggs thrown in

Reow Mon 13-Mar-17 14:38:46

Argh so many TAAT

Trifleorbust Mon 13-Mar-17 14:39:50

Ignore the 'loads of veggies' food police, OP. As long as portions and food groups are balanced OVER TIME, your child will be fine. So the odd McDonalds or spaghetti on toast is more than okay. If you believe people on MN, if it's not kale it's beyond the pale!

Noodoodle Mon 13-Mar-17 14:40:30

If they look ok and your varying it, looks like you are, and they're not leaving loads or desperate for more it sounds great to me.

00100001 I have one of each of those types....quite draining!
And great name btw.

jay55 Mon 13-Mar-17 14:41:47

Looking at his intake for the whole day and not meal by meal sounds very sensible.

EJREsMum Mon 13-Mar-17 14:41:48

Hes always been a big boy so I've always tried to keep up with his appetite. I'm not worried about his overall diet as such, was just worried I was over feeding him dinner. Didn't think I was as he always eats it and he hasn't gained weight just maintained it.

splendide Mon 13-Mar-17 14:41:53

Thanks Tiny that's pretty much what I do. I put a small amount on his little ikea toddler plate and then he can have more if he asks.

It can just be quite alarming sometimes! I swear he eats as much risotto as me some days. Then he has fruit and natural yogurt afterwards.

Kelsoooo Mon 13-Mar-17 14:46:15

Agree with the majority... It evens out. my eldest DD will eat three meals a day, not snack and ask for more if she's hungry. Desert is variable if she has it. Youngest, big breakfast then total grazet all day. Doesnt really "do" meals. Kind of like me, only i dont "do" big meals and prefer to graze. Kids totally self regulate in the main.

Porpoiselife Mon 13-Mar-17 14:51:24

I think most toddlers at that age will just eat until they are full. As long as you are not feeding him a whole load of rubbish he will be fine. If he is starting to get fat then cut out on anything thats considered bad. But if he isn't getting fat then dont worry about it.

I think the over eating tends to happen when they are fed rubbish foods because they dont get the right kind of energy and nutrients and because most of those foods are really tasty they will eat more. Much the same as us adults. I know i'd eat way more chinese takeaway than I probably would a boring toad in the whole!

BrieAndChilli Mon 13-Mar-17 14:53:23

All 3 of mine eat differently
DS1 will eat loads of breakfast - several bowls of cereal plus toast/crumpet and then if we are having something cooked like eggs he will have that too. He eats normally for the other meals
DD eats normally for breakfast, picks at lunch but then will have several helpings of dinner.
DS2 will not eat breakfast unless forced, will eat loads of stuff for lunch and then a small dinner.

The boys are very skinny and DD is normal size so I let them get on with it and try and look at thier food intake over a whole week rather than at each individual meal.
If they were overweight and stuffing them selves with chips and burgers and crisps and chocolate everyday then I would do something about it.

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