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To be really frustrated with this vehicle issue and wonder what to do next?

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SharkiraSharkira Mon 13-Mar-17 14:05:47

I bought a vehicle back at the beginning of January. It was second hand and bought through eBay but from an actual shop as opposed to a random individual. It was second hand and a few years old (and fairly cheap) so I expected minor issues but they said it was mechanically sound just had a few cosmetic faults.

When it came it seemed fine, had a new MOT done a few days prior and it all seemed ok. Except that just a few weeks later when I tried to go home from work it wouldn't start. It's not worked ever since. I only had the vehicle about 6 weeks from buying it until it breaking down.

Fortunately DP is qualified to fix vehicles so tried to diagnose the issue but so far has been unable to exactly determine what the problem is, as best as he can work out it is an issue with the engine and it needs either completely replacing or needs to be completely taken apart and fixed. Either option will be expensive and time consuming to rectify, and that's with DP doing the work (rather than taking to a garage) - its all money I don't have right now!

Aibu to be really frustrated at having only had this a few weeks and now it either needing major and expensive repair work already? When I bought it, it said it had a 12 month warranty but they company I got it from is about 100 miles from where I live so I can't take it back to them for them to have a look and I can't afford to pay anyone else to have a look/fix it. Wibu to ask them to take it back and get my money back? Can I do that? So fed up sad

Happyandhungry Mon 13-Mar-17 14:27:27

If it doesnt start it could be battery or alternator etc.

If he cant diagnose it how does he know it needs something as extreme as a new engine? Its probably not that.

Have you contacted the garage what did they say? Last resort if they wont help its small claims court. If you've bought through a garage you have a 6 month warranty BY LAW (most places say they only offer 3 months) good luck getting it fixed.

Happyandhungry Mon 13-Mar-17 14:28:55

Just re read you have a 12 months warranty. Just phone them explain its too far for you to go they may cover you taking it to a local garage to be professionally diagnosed and then discuss from there options to get the problem fixed.

SharkiraSharkira Mon 13-Mar-17 14:36:29

It starts but it won't run properly. Its not the battery, alternator or spark plug. Basically the engine has no compression - it may not need a new engine but it looks like it will, either that or at least some part of an engine. We can't really tell until DP takes the whole engine apart and figures out which bit is causing the problem but it will take quite a while to do that.

I have contacted the shop, they said it was an issue with the spark plug cap and have sent me a new one (although I don't think that is the actual issue) but it hasn't come yet. I've messaged them to tell them this and they have said they would chase it but I've not heard from them since. I messaged them again yesterday.

WhatchaMaCalllit Mon 13-Mar-17 14:38:01

If you bought it through a garage/dealer rather than a private individual, you may have some recourse.
Check the paperwork that you were given when you bought the vehicle. You have a warranty for 12 months so phone up the garage and say to them that the car wont start so you can't get it to them. They may offer to collect the car to check it out or may suggest that you arrange for the car to be brought to a garage near you to have that done.
You could just say that the car wont start, it is not fit for the purpose intended (i.e. being driven) and you want a refund...though I'd probably see what the story is first with it being repaired. If the repair costs are too high, then you might stand a better chance of getting a refund.
Good luck!

SharkiraSharkira Mon 13-Mar-17 14:58:35

It was through a dealer/shop that had an advert on ebay if that makes sense!

I didn't get any paperwork as such when I bought it, it just came with the logbook stuff but the original advert can still be seen on ebay and under warranty on there is says 12 months.

I'll ask them about taking it to a garage and paying for it to be fixed. Tbh if I can get a refund I'd probably prefer to do that, as much as I liked the vehicle I just want something that works so that I can get around as its costing me so much in public transport at the moment!

BumWad Mon 13-Mar-17 15:20:44

The thing is it's under warranty so you're just going to have to take it back to where you bought it from and let them sort it.

GabsAlot Mon 13-Mar-17 15:26:45

if they offer to fix it you will have to take it back so they can try

its really not their problem where you live-i dont think they have to offer a straight refund though

user1487671808 Mon 13-Mar-17 15:28:22

If it was on eBay did you pay via PayPal? If you did you would have some protection I'd have thought.

SharkiraSharkira Mon 13-Mar-17 16:36:18

Yeah, I realise it isn't their fault that I live far away but I don't really have the money to pay someone to take it up there, wait around to see if it can be fixed, then potentially drive back up there to pick it up sad I paid extra for the delivery for it in the first place so I know that if I do get a refund I'll have to take that, and the cost of taking it back up there off whatever I'd get back but it would still be better for me to do that than have to pay to get it fixed if you see what I mean. I guess I'll just have to wait for them to get back to me and see what they say.

I bought it via ebay but paid cash on delivery so no paypal involved unfortunately.

KP86 Mon 13-Mar-17 16:47:01

Take screen shots of the eBay ad as it will drop off soon.

Happyandhungry Mon 13-Mar-17 16:55:18

Just organise with them to collect it because it does not start. Dont message them, keep phoning them and explain that you only need to chase them 5 times ish before you can take steps to small claims court as they're not doing anything to resolve the problem and in the mean time you're paying for public transport which you'll need to get reimbursed. If you don't mind me saying you seem a bit defeatist at the moment, get your fighting spirit out!

SharkiraSharkira Mon 13-Mar-17 17:06:56

That's a good point KP, thanks!

Yeah I suppose I am a bit at the moment hungry, I'm just so fed up of things going wrong, especially when I'm completely broke at the moment and I know that in a few months I'll get back on track but its just really difficult right now and a broken vehicle is the last thing I need. Will phone them when I get a minute.

SharkiraSharkira Mon 13-Mar-17 17:29:42

Hmm, something seems a little bit fishy here. I got a response saying that the guy who I spoke to originally is away on an MOT course (to become an MOT tester) until Thursday so he'll get back to me then. Except when I bought the vehicle there was an issue with them delivering it to me because..guess what..the same guy was on an MOT course? Why does he need to do another one only 2 months later? Seems weird..

Leggit Mon 13-Mar-17 17:39:15

I wouldn't read too much into that, maybe the bloke called in sick and it's their standard line to customers. What o would do would to to have the aa or an independent mechanic take a look then contact the garage and tell them the car needs collected because of x reason. Be aware though, a warranty isn't worth much on a second hand car, most things can be excluded under the 'general wear and tear'

Happyandhungry Mon 13-Mar-17 17:44:31

They're fobbing you off. Tell them you were given the exact same excuse previously and that its quite clearly a lie in that case. Tell they're you're not fussed about their issues YOU are having to pay for public transport for every day they are fobbing you off. You're going to need to be tougher in this case.

SharkiraSharkira Mon 13-Mar-17 18:14:07

I am a bit cross now hungry, I don't care if there is some reason why they can't get back to me straight away (illness etc) but I don't like being lied to. I'm a grown up, just be honest with me! They may not be lying but it does seem odd that its the exact same guy doing an MOT course again so soon. Leggit DP is a qualified mechanic and has assessed it and done a compression test on it, he's the one who told me it needs the engine replacing/fixing.

Can they still claim its just 'wear and tear' if I've only had it running for 6 weeks (ish) from the purchase date?

Leggit Mon 13-Mar-17 18:20:35

There is a world of variants involved In 'fixing' and engine. Your OH hasn't diagnosed the actual problem, saying it needs fixing is blatantly obvious. you need to know WHAT needs fixing

Yes it can be wear and tear irrespective of ho long you have owned the car, because that's the nature of cars, over times things can and do break and will be out with any second hand warranty. I once had a car pass a council MOT and the shock absorber went when I drove it out of the test centre. There was nothing to indicate ten minutes previous that the shocker was on us way out, that's just general wear and tear on an older car (mine was 4 at the time) had i of bought the car that day with a warranty it would still not been covered for that breakdown.

SharkiraSharkira Mon 13-Mar-17 18:43:02

Well yes I know this leggit grin

Its just that he needs to take the whole engine apart to figure out exactly what the problem is and it all takes time which he doesn't have a lot of - and I can't afford to pay someone else to do it which is part of the problem.

Bloody things!

Smurfpoo Mon 13-Mar-17 18:56:50

The problem your going to have is the distance thing.
I believe you have to give them the opportunity to fix it themselves e.g you can't just get it fixed and present them with the bill. If compression has gone they will need to get the vehicle recovered and looked at.
Do have a google as i know consumer laws have changed recently and made it easier to back a car, but your a few months into ownership which adds a complication.

If i was them i would just get the car recovered and give you your money back, its always a pain when distance is involved.

Leggit Mon 13-Mar-17 19:08:29

Just an thought but do you not have breakdown cover on your insurance? That would get it back to the garage.

SharkiraSharkira Mon 13-Mar-17 19:20:44

I could get it back to the shop if I can get my money back but I can't take it there, drive home, then wait to find out whether it can be fixed, drive back and pick it up then drive home again if you see what I mean.

I have breakdown cover but they will recover it to my house, not to the shop I bought it from 100 miles away, surely? I haven't thought to ask confused

Leggit Mon 13-Mar-17 19:33:23

No breakdown cover normally recovers to a garage, there may be a limit on the distance depending on what level of cove you chose at the time, but you could probably increase that now with a relitavely small increase.

From the garage POV they are not going to pay to bring back a car with a fault that they only MAY be liable for. It doesn't make good business sense. One of my vehicles is currently in a 'is it isn't it' warranty situation and I have had to authorise the garage 2 hours labour, which I am responsible for, unless it turns out to be a definite warranty job, in which case they will cover it.

Leggit Mon 13-Mar-17 19:34:05

That should read no BIG COMMA - breakdown cover DOES re I've to a garage

araiwa Mon 13-Mar-17 19:46:03

get a proper garage to diagnose the problem and a quote to fix. the garage may pay for diagnosis due to distance and take it from there- they need something better than "it needs fixing" but compression loss isnt good news

not sure how they knew it was spark plug cover without seeing it..

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