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To ask which organizations have been most helpful and supportive if you have a child with special needs ?

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hellokittymania Mon 13-Mar-17 12:59:54

My organization just finished hosting a training weekend for special education teachers and today we had a parents and children say . We had an open forum for the parents and when we asked if anybody had any questions concerns etc. every single parent started asking away . This event was not held in the UK but it was even an eye-opener for the organizations that work with families here . It makes me very glad that we held the event today as we can see what we need to do next .

In the UK which organizations have been the most supportive to you and your family's and can you tell me in what way they were most helpful ? If there is a parents group in your area how often do you meet ? If there were more groups in your area that did a day for parents and children would you easily be able to attend ?

We did a half-day event today and had games arts and crafts snacktime and the open forum and it went extremely well . I was told that there is an annual event for visual impairment and autism but I don't think an annual event is enough. In fact had I known that this would go so well and parents really want information and interaction with each other I would have held all Day event . At the end every single child was given some gifts as well . Are there things that you as parents would like to receive such an event ? Whether it be a voucher or some material on how to help your child ?

BackforGood Mon 13-Mar-17 23:17:27

You'll be much more likely to catch the parents you want to speak to, if you post in one of the Special Needs sections rather than AIBU.

UnderTheF1oorboards Mon 13-Mar-17 23:41:38

Too vague. Special needs are hugely varied, what specifically are you talking about?

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