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First period after childbirth

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ImYourMama Sun 12-Mar-17 22:40:55

AIBU to think our bodies have been through enough with childbirth and periods should just have the decency to fuck off for a long time afterwards?!

DD is 5months and EBF, but I've started my first post partum period and it's bloody agony! Has anyone else's PMT and period pain gotten worse after DCs? Or am I particularly bloody unlucky?

Purpleprickles Sun 12-Mar-17 22:42:57

First two after dd were evil but they calmed down again after that. Be thankful you got five months of no periods. Mine came back after about 8 weeks both times and that was even with ebf ds!

ImYourMama Sun 12-Mar-17 22:44:55

Hoping this is not how it's going to be going forward, dreading coffee morning tomorrow on uncomfortable plastic chairs confused

Iamastonished Sun 12-Mar-17 22:45:15

Mine came back 3 days after I stopped breastfeeding.

Crunchymum Sun 12-Mar-17 22:46:49

DC1 was 2 weeks after I stopped expressing (so 10w pp) and periods were OK.

DC2 was when she was 18m (so I had an amazing 27 months without periods) again I've been lucky and they aren't any worse than they were.

ImYourMama Sun 12-Mar-17 22:47:16

DD started sleeping through the night about 2 weeks ago so thinking that's the sodding reason.

Not sure more sleep is worth having fucking periods

Moanyoldcow Sun 12-Mar-17 22:48:18

Mine was about 2 months later. It was like fucking Carrie. I'm heading towards 40 and they are getting worse. Eagerly awaiting the menopause.

trowelmonkey1 Sun 12-Mar-17 22:49:14

Mine reappeared at just over 3 months PP, but I wasn't breastfeeding. My periods since have been lighter and shorter, but the period pain and PMT is definitely worse since I had DS.

I'm with you on this - post pregnancy periods should fuck off for a very long time. In fact I'd be happy if mine disappeared permanently grin

LilacSpatula Sun 12-Mar-17 22:56:16

Yep totally agree, DD is 14 weeks old tomorrow and I've already had two of the fuckers. Evil.

ImYourMama Sun 12-Mar-17 23:05:25

When will it fucking end?!

Half considering DC2 to avoid periods for another 14 months...

Honeybee79 Sun 12-Mar-17 23:08:50

Yes! My first one after DD (she's nearly 4 months) was hell. Really painful and so heavy. Had to stay near a toilet for 4 days. Second one slightly better. Hopefully third will be better still. Don't recall it being this bad after DS. Never had particularly painful periods before, but the flooding is even worse than the pain 😢

Bringmewineandcake Sun 12-Mar-17 23:34:52

Had my first last week - 8.5 months PP and still BFing although not as frequently obviously. It was HEAVY but not painful at all. Periods could just go away altogether now thank you - I have no further use for them grin

TriJo Sun 12-Mar-17 23:35:19

Just finished mine there a few days ago, my son is 11.5 months old and we had a CP on the first cycle PP so this was the first true period. Two heavy days at the start and one day of feeling like I'd been hit by a bus but ok after that.

plimsolls Sun 12-Mar-17 23:57:07

Mine came back about 3.5 months after giving birth even though I was/am EBF (and frequently!). My first three were v unpleasant and I felt really hormonal (angry, weepy, etc) but my latest one wasn't too bad at all. I'm hoping it's the start of a trend and the next one will be fine too.

Historygirl97 Mon 13-Mar-17 00:53:13

Mine reappeared 9 months later!!! (I was/am breastfeeding). The first one was pretty awful, very heavy and I had awful cramps.
My second one lasted two days, was very light and every period here after has been the same!

EatSpamAmandaLamb Mon 13-Mar-17 00:57:15

After my first DC it came back after 8 weeks (EBF) and was a painful, blood bath. Thankfully for the other DC my periods didn't return until after 6 months and whilst heavy and painful were nowhere as bad as the experience post DC1.
I feel for you. Take advantage of that sleep!

PerspicaciaTick Mon 13-Mar-17 01:08:02

At least plastic coffee morning chairs will be wipe clean <silver lining>.

Dixiestamp Mon 13-Mar-17 01:19:48

Is it odd that my DD is 7 and I'm still, really! Was the obvious flooding after the event (although I think I've blanked that out) then zilch. Am on pill- although I don't know why as I don't think I've ever released any eggs without the assistance of science anyway.

PerspicaciaTick Mon 13-Mar-17 01:22:33

That is a bit odd Dixie - I'd be tempted to have a chat with my GP, if only because you might be able to stop taking the pill if you aren't ovulating.

Dixiestamp Mon 13-Mar-17 01:25:51

It is, isn't it. My DC were IVF/clomid and I'm the other side of 40 so it may be worth a chat. I'm not complaining, as they used to be awful, but it seems strange!

PerspicaciaTick Mon 13-Mar-17 01:43:14

IVF definitely did weird things to my periods, they've been playing up endlessly ever since my IVF pregnancy. But the buggers never actually upped and offed.

Beansonapost Mon 13-Mar-17 02:13:46

Mine came back 7months PP... only lasted a day.

Next one came two months later... lasted 3 days. I've always had light and regular periods before DD... never had a period that lasted 5 days.

I got pregnant next month grin... delivering in 2 weeks!

It's been great not having them... hope it stays away even longer this time!

ImYourMama Mon 13-Mar-17 07:09:57

General consensus seems to be be first 1-3 can be vile then they better fucking settle down?

My handbag contents today consist of super jumbo pads and a zillion twixs. I am prepared grin

londonrach Mon 13-Mar-17 07:14:36

Thats one thing i enjoyed about periods. 8 weeks after dd whos ff. doesnt ring bells as bad but think i was in baby dream at that time. Must admit been alot better now than prior to pregnancy. Lighter. Saying that bet next one is awful

acquiescence Mon 13-Mar-17 07:30:40

Mine came back 8 weeks after and I was ebf. I was heartbroken, I have horrendous periods. 5 months wasn't bad going OP!

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