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AIBU Driving to Scotland

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Toofewshoes Sun 12-Mar-17 02:21:07

AIBU to think that is OK for me to drive about 8 hours from just outside London to just north of Glasgow in the Easter holidays on my own with three children and a dog. I could break the journey but I am finding it impossible to find a hotel that will take us and the dog. My husband can now not come on our planned trip. I like driving and would rather not have to pay for a hotel to break the journey. We are meeting my parents there who have sorted the accommodation out. Any thoughts as I lying awake worrying about it.

m0therofdragons Sun 12-Mar-17 02:25:30

I drove for 8 hours from Somerset to Scotland. Stopped to eat after 4.5 hours then carried on. Imo one day of travel is better than two if you can as the second day becomes the start of the holiday for real. 3dc? I would have lots of snacks and a backpack each with stuff they can do. Mostly mine sing along to music and dd2 sleeps. Good luck and enjoy

BakiniAtoll Sun 12-Mar-17 02:31:16

Longest drive we did was 21 hours, just stopping for fuel. It will be fine,

SuperBeagle Sun 12-Mar-17 02:35:18

Very normal here in Australia. Take a break every 90 minutes to 2 hours to stretch your legs/get something to eat/go to the bathroom/let the dog out, and then carry on.

GnomeDePlume Sun 12-Mar-17 02:35:38

Do they all travel well? Take a break regularly. IMO dont drive for more than 2 hours without stopping for a stretch. Dont plan to do anything the next day.

BradleyPooper Sun 12-Mar-17 02:41:05

I've done Sussex to Aberdeen several times, now live in the USA so Texas to Florida is normal.... stop for coffee / fuel / bathroom as needed but not too often otherwise it feels like you're not making progress.

TheUnicorns Sun 12-Mar-17 02:46:42

I've done SW to NE, roughly 5 hours usually but horrendous roadworks and traffic made it more like 8. It was okay but I really didn't want to be driving by the end of it - back and legs hurt. Do stop every 2/3 hours for a stretch and a snack.

I didn't do it with a kid though, I'm sorry to say! Get a cheap portable DVD player and attach it the the headrest - that'll keep them quiet.

BeaderBird Sun 12-Mar-17 03:02:43

Tebay Services will break your journey in half and it's lovely there. Fantastic rooms/breakfast and they do take dogs.

AGrinWithoutACat Sun 12-Mar-17 04:09:16

Did this lots when I was a kid and have made the trip (10 hours) with the DC

Have the car packed the night before
Start as early as you can safely drive - we left 3 AM but 4 when Mum was involved - means you can lift the DCs in PJs into car and they will sleep for the first few hours
Take fleece blankets, snacks, in car entertainment, tablet/DVD player, music - play eye spy etc
Stop every 3 hours or so for a stretch and toilet break

Must admit I think nothing of driving 4 hours without a break and DH is the same - but you have to make that kind of trip if you want to get anywhere central from where we live in North Scotland!

LumelaMme Sun 12-Mar-17 04:17:08

6-8 hours in a day is a do-able drive, but stop for a break for the sake of the dog, the DC, and your bladder and sanity!

How old are the DC? Are they good travellers? That may have a bearing on how often you need to stop.

And if you're going via Scotch Corner/A66, it's nicer to hang on for food and a break till Mainsgill Farm on the A66 than stop at the services.

Marianos Sun 12-Mar-17 04:31:10

It will not be the best 8 hours of your life but you will survive, especially if you have nice family waiting at other end. How old are DCs?

In car entertainment that will keep your DCs quiet is they key as you need to concentrate on driving. Go large on technology and food.

If possible plug all DCs into headphones so that you can listen to something more grown up.

3luckystars Sun 12-Mar-17 04:40:05

I would do it no bother and have done a similar journey many times, what I do is go to bed really early (;about 8pm) and get up at 1am and drive through the night, there is no traffic and I am driving after a sleep.

I have everything packed into the car and ready and lift the children/babies in their sleep and go.

It is absolutely lovely driving through the night with the kids asleep and the radio on, you might get about half way before they wake and then you can stop for breakfast and petrol. You still get to your destination early in the morning and the most important thing is that you are not driving while tired.

I would definitely only do this journey after a sleep. I have done it many times and it's the safest way.

Good luck and enjoy it!!

3luckystars Sun 12-Mar-17 04:47:55

Also I would not bring the dog, let your husband sort out it's care, you will be very tired for 2 days after this drive so lighten your load and leave the dog out of it. It's only complicating things and could start puking half way through and you will have enough on your plate without trying to sort out toilet stops on the motorway.... imagine it!!!!

My advice would be to definitely leave the poor dog at home.

TiggyD Sun 12-Mar-17 08:05:28

I've done it. Not with kids though. And peeps are right when they say the next day is a write off. All you'll want to do is shuffle about and drink tea.

FindoGask Sun 12-Mar-17 08:15:56

I agree with starting early. I live in Scotland but my family are in the south west. There's a ton of roadworks on the M6 at the moment and there's always congestion in normal hours. I've never managed it as early as 3luckystars, and the one time I did drive through the night it didn't work out quite as I'd hoped (children were awake and wired the whole time and a nightmare to settle when we got there), but when the roads are quiet I actually really enjoy the journey.

BlaWearie Sun 12-Mar-17 08:19:00

Yep I do that drive on my own with DC quite a lot. Start early morning, have DVD players for them and snacks they can help themselves to. Stop every two hours (or when the DVD needs changing) and make sure everyone goes to the toilet each time. Use the toll road.

Trooperslane Sun 12-Mar-17 08:20:40

If fly. And leave the dog with DH.

SusanneLinder Sun 12-Mar-17 08:22:26

I have done it loads of times on my own. I love driving. And with smalls. No dog though! I agree with the poster that says drive through the night though. It is much easier when roads are quiet and bog all on them apart from lorries. I had to drive in rush hour on M25 coming back and that was hell on earth!
One word of warning, try not to hit Glasgow or M74/M8 between 7.30-9.30 am. There are roadworks between J8-J4 of M74 and if you hit the M8 at Baillieston its shut at moment so its a giant bloody car park at that time, so if you can Sat Nav an alternative route try and do so if you hit between these times. Plus its a 50 average speed camera route too.

BlaWearie Sun 12-Mar-17 08:22:35

I would advise against going late at night to avoid traffic, it's too tiring. Let the DC travel in onesies.

Squills Sun 12-Mar-17 08:22:47

You'll be fine. We regularly drive from Sussex to the French Alps with no problems.

stabilolikeaboss Sun 12-Mar-17 08:23:29

I drive similar and often further to the highlands 3-4 times a year and back with just me and the kids. Absolutely fine. We have stopped overnight before in Glasgow after 8 hours or so if we're going a long way north in the highlands as the motorway stops and it's often another 10 hours from there.

3luckystars Sun 12-Mar-17 08:23:43

Go AFTER a sleep.

CoraPirbright Sun 12-Mar-17 08:24:29

Ah I see BeaderBird has beaten me to it! Tebay is great - the lovliest 'service station' you'll ever visit! It's totally do-able. In fact I am doing the same thing shortly!!

Oysterbabe Sun 12-Mar-17 08:25:44

How old are the children?

AtSea1979 Sun 12-Mar-17 08:26:54

Done this a few times no problem on my own with DC. Don't have a dog though. I don't use screens or anything we just chat and look out for things we can see. Was pondering getting an audio book for the next trip.

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