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To think cinema guy stole my £1!

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TheUnicorns Sun 12-Mar-17 01:57:17

Not so much of an AIBU but a WWYD

This evening I went to the cinema. I had £1.90 exactly in my purse, I remember being peeved that I was 10p short for a parking ticket so paid by phone instead.

Saw the film, bag placed on floor. Had some food in the bag so I'm assuming at some point either my purse fell out or I absentmindedly removed it to get to something.

Leave the cinema, go to a shop. Realise I don't have purse. Go back to cinema, find a guy who works there and he finishes my sentence as I ask if he's found a purse anywhere. I get it back and check my cards are there but not the change section, which is zipped.

I go back to the shop and pick up £1.90 worth of goods. Get to till and just hand her all the coins in my purse because I know exactly how much is in there.

Except there isn't, woman behind the till says there's only 90p there. I am mortified, have no other method of payment on me (previously mentioned cards are unused bank accounts so no money) - lovely man behind me gives me the pound. I'm very grateful and leave quickly, red faced.

Am I right in thinking that the guy who found and returned the purse nicked my £1?! And what do I do, on one hand it's only £1 but on the other nobody should be taking anything from anyone's purse?!

FeliciaJollygoodfellow Sun 12-Mar-17 02:01:05

You stop thinking about it. It's a quid. You can't prove it, it doesn't matter now.

He might have taken it. He might not have. If you 'do' anything it will result in him losing his job - he's hardly going to be raking it in on pinching your quid!

Seriously, let it go.

highinthesky Sun 12-Mar-17 02:02:23

Might a pound have fallen from your purse? Or be languishing in your handbag?

I'd just be grateful I got it back.

KoalaDownUnder Sun 12-Mar-17 02:03:18

I think there are more likely scenarios than cinema guy nicking one quid from your wallet. You miscounted, it fell out, etc.

Let it go.

TheDropBear Sun 12-Mar-17 02:03:48

You might have left the change section unzipped so the pound fell out and then he zipped it back up when he found it?
I wouldn't report it personally.

TheUnicorns Sun 12-Mar-17 02:07:46

Definitely didn't miscount, I very specifically searched and searched my car for 10p so I would have £2 for a parking ticket.

I will let the £1 go but I'm afraid I will never forget the awkward horror of taking items to the till without being able to pay for them. That will follow me to my grave cringe

DomesticDisgrace Sun 12-Mar-17 02:12:38

Jeez, I'm not flush but I'd be worried ifthis cost me so much thought!

Was the film good? Wasn't the man who gave you a pound lovely? Pay it forward!

TheUnicorns Sun 12-Mar-17 02:15:14

It's not the £1 more the embarrassing moment it caused and it is really cheeky to take anything from anyone's purse! I'm not losing sleep over it (unrelated insomnia I swear!). Are tongue in cheek threads not allowed anymore smile

Bloomed Sun 12-Mar-17 02:17:30

Someone else may have taken a pound before he found it?

PiratePointyTits Sun 12-Mar-17 02:18:43

He may not have found the purse. The person who found it may have taken the pound out. Perhaps you hadn't done the zipper up and it fell out? Perhaps you miscounted. Who knows?

As for embarrassing encounter at the till, I wouldn't worry. You not the first or the last person to not have gone to the till without enough cash.
I did a whole bloody grocery shop, all put through the till, opened my purse, no bloody card to pay with. It was still in a clutch bag thing I'd used on a night out the previous night.

PyongyangKipperbang Sun 12-Mar-17 03:00:15

chances are, yes it was pinched.

It is possible that several other things could have happened, but the most likely thing is that someone pinched it. Could be him, could be another member of staff, could be another customer.

You cant do anything about it, as you dont know who it was, so all you can do is chalk this one up to experience.

If it bothers you that much though, you could post on your local town FB group and/or email your local paper to thank the good Samaritan after you had "some" money stolen wink

PyongyangKipperbang Sun 12-Mar-17 03:02:45

I did a whole bloody grocery shop, all put through the till, opened my purse, no bloody card to pay with. It was still in a clutch bag thing I'd used on a night out the previous night.

I have done that several times! The worst was the time I did it on 23rd December! Luckily Tesco where very understanding! They said that I had an hour to return. I live 10 minutes away by car. I drove like the hounds of hell were after me grin

PyongyangKipperbang Sun 12-Mar-17 03:03:39

were not where

sycamore54321 Sun 12-Mar-17 03:24:39

In the scenario you describe, I can't believe you didn't offer him yet change as a thank you for finding your purse. And I can't believe you took money from a stranger in the shop rather than not buying the goods. And that your first conclusion you jump to is that someone stole the pound coin, but left all the rest, and tidily re-zipped the pocket. And that this 'someone' was the very worker in the cinema who you happened to ask.

The far FAR more likely scenario is that the pound coin was simply lost somewhere along the way - or indeed never even existed as perhaps you miscounted the money at the parking meter. Accusing the cinema worker of theft with zero evidence is a nasty slur. You are incredibly lucky to have had your purse returned - and doubly so to have had a kind stranger pay for your few bits of shopping. And now you are outraged and want to accuse this man of a crime, putting his job at risk? All because you were careless to begin with.

HopelesslydevotedtoGu Sun 12-Mar-17 03:36:31

Maybe he did, maybe he didn't and you dropped it or miscounted earlier.

I wouldn't over think the shop till moment - that happens all the time, it really isn't unusual or memorable to the cashier/ anyone watching.

TheUnicorns Sun 12-Mar-17 03:39:14

Lmao okay sycamore.

novemberontrumpwatch Sun 12-Mar-17 03:47:32

Plot twist: the man who gave you the pound is actually your stalker and was behind you the entire was THE SAME POUND.

PyongyangKipperbang Sun 12-Mar-17 03:52:21

the man who gave you the pound is actually your stalker and was behind you the entire was THE SAME POUND.

I really want this to be true grin

sycamore54321 Sun 12-Mar-17 03:54:46

"Lmao okay sycamore."


Whyarealltheusernamestaken Sun 12-Mar-17 03:55:29

FFS, I took the pound...*eats chocolate bought by said pound*

Disclaimer...I did not steal the pound, but if I did I would be sorry...not sorry...chocolate...mmmmm

PyongyangKipperbang Sun 12-Mar-17 03:57:00

No wait! The man who gave you the pound is your great³ grandson who heard the story of The Great Pound Theft as family legend and used his time travel smart phone to go back in time to help his great³ granny out!

To quote Elsa, Let It Go.

Oblomov17 Sun 12-Mar-17 03:57:11

OMG I am staggered that you even think this. You lost your purse. Cue the upset of that, in itself. The hassle of replacing it, plus the debit card, the credit cards, the numerable other cards, store cards, library cards etc.

(Laughing at leaving debit and credit card in clutch, from a night out the day before - I do that!!)

And you get it back!! Result!! But all you can think about is that the man took the £1 coin, not the other 90p in change, out of it. hmm
Stole the £1?

Ha ha. I've heard it all now!!

novemberontrumpwatch Sun 12-Mar-17 03:59:36

Pyongyang - yes, and this will all be directed by M. Night Shyamalan.

PyongyangKipperbang Sun 12-Mar-17 04:01:17

Sadly Ben Stiller will be cast as the Great³ Grandson and it will bomb sad

SalemSaberhagen Sun 12-Mar-17 04:13:12

november and pyong grin

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