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One day and alone

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RiverdaleJughead Sun 12-Mar-17 01:41:36

I am a postgraduate - a young one - and I've taken on a lot this month - I have 2 deadlines in a week and don't know what I'm doing, head of a committee and a manager working 26 hours a week on top of my uni. It was my little sisters 13th birthday. It I could only get 2 days off so drive 3 hours home to spend time with my family ... except my sister ( closest family member ) decided to spend all day with her bf-
Okay fine if she had plans . We went for dinner and were invited for a few at mums . We went, they'd briefly walked the dog. She decided to go home - okay. Everyone decided because they'd gone it should be an early night so I got a taxi home an hour later. Sister wasn't home ( I live with her when not at uni) so essentially I've come home spent. 2 hours with family and am now alone and am leaving tommorrrow . AIBU to be annoyed ??

highinthesky Sun 12-Mar-17 01:56:17

I would be!

But I also never go anywhere without a Plan B, in this case it would have been prep for the deadline.

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