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AIBU nasty mother of teenager

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Beachhutsally Sat 11-Mar-17 19:09:32

I'm fuming and sad .
My Dd - 14 has a small group of friends she hung out with for years.
Last Nov we went to Centre Parcs and took the four girls including Dd. It was around her birthday but wasn't a birthday trip. We had booked a three bed villa and had beds free. School had occasional day and we thought it would be nice for them all. We booked the weekend in July.
Anyway come Sept a new girl joins the school and is friends with two of the group including Dd.
Said girl came to our house for a sleepover and asked if she could come in the weekend. I explained about beds and CP don't allow extra guests. But I said to her and her mum they were welcome to come both come for the day.
But I said we often do trips etc she could come another time; after all we didn't even know her when we booked it. Girl was a bit glum
but I ignored that, thinking normal
Teenager but expected mother to understand.
Anyway roll forward to November and mum rings me about her daughter going to CPs. I explained about Day guests and gave her our booking number so she could book in . She would have had to pay the fee I think £35 (not sure). I also said we were happy to have her as long as mum/dad came too. This was our holiday too and while we were happy with four teenagers - five was a bit much.
Anyway the mum declined in the end as her and her husband were busy.
Well roll forward a few months and i
Obviously have upset them. The girl is no longer friend with Dd and completely blanks me when she sees me at pick up etc. I saw the mother at a coffee event and she was rude. I ignored .
Dd is now being replaced in the group by says girl. She invited them
all to do a sport with her and they are all
Sleeping over at her house . Dd does another sport and can't do this new sport too.
Anyway rambling now and probably not explaining well.
Please advice mr how do I and Dd deal with someone like this ?

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