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not to let DS (13) have 18 rated games?

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tactum Sat 11-Mar-17 18:33:29

DS (just 13 but quite mature in outlook) is currently trying to sell his PS4 on ebay. Just said he wasn't using it, which he hasn't in months. After a conversation today it transpires that he doesnt use it because all his mates are on theirs playing COD and Warfare(?) and other stuff and he feels left out because he only has FIFA and Star Wars Battlefront.

We've always been quite harsh about 18 games and specifically violent ones. So this hasn't caused an argument, he isn't in a strop at all, he just knows from his pov that there's no point even asking - he wasnt moaning or anything, just gave it as the factual reason why he had no use for it anymore. If we let him have those games he said he would keep it. He has specifically said he doesnt ever want GTA (and I wouldn't let him).

So AWeBU to stick to that, or should we give in to his peer pressure and let him shoot people to bits for entertainment? Over to the MN jury.....

Pestilentialone Sat 11-Mar-17 18:36:10

Congratulations on being a responsible parent. YANBU

Pinkheart5915 Sat 11-Mar-17 18:36:25

Not unreasonable at all! I wouldn't allow it either, his 13 and there is a reason some games are age 18 it means they are suitable for adults you have a child.

My dc are a long way off 13 but my nephew is 13 and my brother doesn't allow him to play age 18 games.

GTA, guns/killing, robbery, prostitution, women swinging round poles etc

SparkleTwinkleGoldGlitter Sat 11-Mar-17 18:38:28


Age 18 games are not suitable for a 13 year old, so it's tough luck he won't be playing.

Wolfiefan Sat 11-Mar-17 18:40:02

Really? ALL his friends are playing them? He clearly doesn't go to school with my 13 yo.

ChocolateFuzz Sat 11-Mar-17 18:41:45

I would let him, it's not necessary to stick strictly to the age rating. He's 13, nothing in the games are going to surprise him and he knows not to copy anything from them in real life.

highinthesky Sat 11-Mar-17 18:41:50

YANBU. What you are is a responsible parent that cares about your DS' wellbeing.

If he still wants to play them when he's 18, he's welcome to.

LoveBeingAMum555 Sat 11-Mar-17 18:46:30

I agree. We used to say to our two that it was no different from letting them watch an 18 rated film. Although we did find that these games varied a lot in content and when they were older and we did allow it DH used to play them first. Some appalled him and he is quite broad minded.

tactum Sat 11-Mar-17 18:49:35

See I let him watch some 15 films and possibly even an 18 has slipped through at some point, but there's something in the interraction of a game that seems worse to me.

I'm thinking I'll let him sell it. I can see myself maybe compromising in a few years but then he wouldn't want to be playing on a PS4 - would be a PS7 or some such!

Yes he says literally everyone has COD and a lot have GTA. And they all seem very naice boys!!

Bettydownthehall Sat 11-Mar-17 18:49:48

I think it depends. My 12 yo DS has an 18 rated Aliens game. It is purely sci fi, killing Aliens and predators.

I wouldn't let him play call of duty or GTA or things that mimic realise violence, but I don't mind a bit of sci fi. I am the same with films to be honest.

ChazsBrilliantAttitude Sat 11-Mar-17 18:56:13

I've taken the same approach with my 13 yo DS. However, he recent asked to watch something on Amazon Prime that he said all his friends were watching. It was rated 15 I said he could watch a bit but to be sensible about whether or not it was suitable. He came back after 15 mins or so and said he didn't think it was appropriate as wasn't going to watch it. It's a bit of a balance, it you are rigidly strict about everything I suspect it makes it seem more appealing. Having said that, no GTA or COD in this house ever

scaryteacher Sat 11-Mar-17 18:56:59

I didn't allow them either until he was 15/16, and I felt he could deal with them, and even then I had to approve them, so often, he didn't get them.

He had Ratchet and Clank, The Last Guardian, Final Fantasy, Mirrors Edge, when younger and access to content from the Playstation store as long as I approved it. I read the BBFC and PEGI ratings to see what I would and wouldn't allow.

Coulddowithanap Sat 11-Mar-17 19:27:23

The new call of duty (and the one before this one) are no way near as realistic as the old ones like modern warfare. 13 is still too young though.

sibys1 Sat 11-Mar-17 19:28:22

Personally I would consider getting COD for a 13 year old. I know there's a few different versions, but the ones I've seen on common sense media have been rated 12+.

Wishiwasmoiradingle2017 Sat 11-Mar-17 19:32:05

Seems I am a minority but my ds 13 plays 18 games (db 15,16,22+25)all have quality time together /bonding etc and nobody has turned out violent or other game related traits. In other ways he is still a young boy who kisses me goodnight and plays with his younger siblings. . Just likes playing cod etc with older siblings too.

CheeseQueen Sat 11-Mar-17 21:02:56

YADNBU - think your ds is telling porkies in that "everyone else is playing them" as my 13 yr old definitely doesn't play 18s!
Anyway, even if he does trot out that line, say you don't care what everyone else does, he's not - with the line "If so and so jumped off a cliff, would you?!" smile

Notthemessiah Sat 11-Mar-17 21:45:49

If you let him watch 15 rated films and the occasional 18 then yes, I do think you are being unreasonable - games if anything are less realistic and it's far move obvious that these things are not real than, say, a movie or a TV show.

And while 'everyone' may well not be doing it, most teenage boys are so please don't think he is lieing when he says he feels left out. I have boys aged 14 and 12 and while I would not let them play some games (Grand Theft Auto, Saints Row, etc) I will let them play stuff like Call of Duty and especially Sci-fi or fantasy titles.

You say you let him play Star Wars Battlefront? That really is no different to Call of Duty apart from the fact that you are killing people with laser pistols rather than machine guns.

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