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To have no idea what to do?

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schoolofconfusion Fri 10-Mar-17 22:52:47

Long story apologies, have name changed as will out me and don't want the other posts linked.

Anyway in September year 9 dd started at a school for 14 - 19 year olds following bullying, threats and really poor sen support at her previous school.

The new school has amazing facilities, is small and has an amazing pastoral support team in place. At the time we moved her there really was no other place with spaces suitable for her. It is two years old and has not yet been inspected nor does it have gcse results but we needed to get out of the old situation.

Six months down the line the sen support is great and for the first time ever she has friends, quite a nice little social group and some lovely girls who really look out for her. The school is small and they know all the pupils, they can tell me about her easily which is unusual for a secondary and we are finally getting in some lessons that she is asking questions and actually described as bubbly which is so far from the child who was in her own bubble as you can get!

There have been a couple of issues we have had which have annoyed me but nothing major.

However issues have started to arise. Dd has not consistently had a core subject teacher for months. her grade has dropped massively in this subject, really badly, she has a test in another subject next week which affects sets but they have not had their teacher in that subject either for around a month. The head has left and they currently have an acting head in place, two other schools linked to the sponsors of the school have closed, some pupils are leaving and I know that some others are not getting grades they expected and I have heard some things which concern me through the rumour mill about why the head went.

DD has been offered another place at one of the other schools who were previously able to take her. A very good outstanding school with brilliant results, brilliant ofsted and an established proven setting.

I am massively torn, dd would happily move, she has said herself how she would rather have a good education chance than friends but I remember how awful the previous situation was and how said I felt that she did not have friends and was alone.

But I am also scared that the school will shut and if I turn this place down that we will end up stuck!

advice greatly appreciated!

Moanyoldcow Fri 10-Mar-17 22:57:26

If your daughter is happy to move then that's what I'd do. Kids need consistency at this stage and it's early enough to find her feet.

Good luck!

Trb17 Fri 10-Mar-17 23:01:26

I think that if DD is happy I'd move her. It's scary but the situation you describe with the current school sounds too unsettled to continue with if there's a good alternative. Plus I'm sure your daughter may have gained confidence from her time at the current school which she will take with her to the new one.

schoolofconfusion Sat 11-Mar-17 09:14:00

Thank you, it is definitely scary!
I just don't want to massively fuck up either way really.

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