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To be fucked off with this server?!

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SharkiraSharkira Fri 10-Mar-17 08:12:07

At the moment I get the train to uni, I have to go first thing when the tickets are most expensive.

I have a student railcard but because of the fucking ridiculous rules about the railcard you can't actually use it at a time that is useful, so I can't get the discount on the train I need. I can, however, get discount on the bus that I get at the other end, and I get the bus tickets from the train station too.

So I ask for my train+bus ticket and tell her about my railcard so I can my discount, she then proceeds to tell me what I already know about the train discount not being available. So I tell her about the bus discount being available and it is clear she is completely clueless. But instead of a) admitting that she has no idea, or b) asking the other member of staff right next to her (!!) she just point blank refused to give me my discount, repeating the same stuff about it not being available. But I know it is!! I got it from the same station at the same time only last week!

Aibu to be fucked off? I know it's only a couple of quid but I am so broke right now that couple of quid would really help me out. I know I probably am being U but I am exhausted from working a full time job and attending uni full time (obviously not the servers fault though) and I just need a fucking break, hence why I'm such a bundle of joy this morning sad

sooperdooper Fri 10-Mar-17 08:13:55

I'd have asked to speak to someone else, she just didn't know! Did you ask to speak to a manager?

SheSaidHeSaid Fri 10-Mar-17 08:21:35

YANBU, the person serving you was wrong. Maybe it'd be worth asking them to check with someone else next time or contacting the station to assk that this info is passed on to all staff to save time, money and effort next time.

Mittensonastring Fri 10-Mar-17 08:24:28

Sorry your having a crap day but I clicked on this thread expecting an IT related post. Was going to suggest turning it off and on again.

Agree always ask to speak to a supervisor type person.

SharkiraSharkira Fri 10-Mar-17 08:33:23

I would have asked for a supervisor/manager but by that point I was too wound up and I didn't want to end up having a go at anyone who was just trying to do their job because of my foul mood. I just wished she could have tried a bit harder, or at all, to try and help me. Think I will contact the station later though, for future reference.

I think her attitude totally didn't help though, she was very 'well I wouldn't feel comfortable giving you the discount, for me personally' as if I was asking for access to bloody nuclear codes or something instead of asking for a few quid off a train ticket hmm

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