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Tut Tut Tut - no one is exempt

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WannabeMNPrincess Thu 09-Mar-17 16:40:28

I NC for this in case they decide to use this for click bait.

So I was on the DM website as was rather bored. Don't hang me please, waiting room tedium, wondered what the latest celeb gossip was. I'm a bad persons I know. I'm going to ground myself and write 500 lines. (Thou shall not be so classless)

Anyways ladies and gents, strangely their MN pick of the day was an article about laundry. I've never engaged with such articles, but I was eager to see the pearls of wisdomDM readers had to offer.

A reoccurring theme was maybe if we spend less of our lives dedicated to Mumsnet, then we would be able to do our washing, daily chores, raise the best children in the country and treat our partners as kings / queens, such heathens as we are.

I thought you've got to be joking right? Ones parenting ability and other abilities such as housework and treating our partners like royalty, are enhanced further by interacting with the diverse population of MN, opposed to those who spew vitriol on the DM.

Maybe I'm wrong, whilst posting this my youngest is obviously learning how to twerk, or is secretly aspiring to be the next reality queen, using her felt tips to contour her face.

It really is pot and kettle.

I'm delighted to announce that due to aspirations to be MN Princess 2018, I will be opening a dedicated hotline for you MN addicts, allowing their children to terrorise the neighbourhood in stale unironed clothes, left in the washing machine for 24 hours, (God forbid the thought!) we can work as a community to support one another, little Charles and Charlotte will be neglected no more, your houses will be like palaces.

I feel for the OP who stated that her child would be up in 2 hours for a feed, suggesting that said clothes wouldn't have lingered till dawn, being accused along with those who replied as being deviants. As previously stated whilst I committed the sin of curiosity, I'm not congratulating myself over 600 green arrows, by instilling hatred into our children, of those we feel superior too.

Maybe a candlelight vigil for those believing we are negligent for asking for advice, or offering support and our opinions to others. A further irony, the poster could very well be one of those goady delights on here.

Take out for tea tonight, I just can't peel myself away from MN blushwink

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