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To hate new haircut 💇🏻

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Pugmomma Thu 09-Mar-17 00:36:55

Long story short as i can squeeze it.. a few years ago I had an absolutely god awful experience at the hairdressers, where after asking her to 'take an inch off just to get rid of any dead ends' the silly cow lopped half my wig off - I kid you not I'm talking like 4/5 inches (my hair was virgin hair no colour no bleach no heat damage, it was also waist length, really thick and I bloody loved it).

Anyway, spent about a week crying and since then I've been so wary of the hairdressers and have had a hairdresser friend give me a trim/style every 3 months ish (hair was long - waist to bum length) and I was very happy with it, she was brilliant.

Fast forward to this year and my friend has moved away and I've had no hairdresser so I finally decided to brave it and go to a reputable salon (Toni & Guy no less!), told the woman what I wanted, just an inch off to rid the dead ends and a hair mask treatment. Sat there quite happy with a brew and a biscuit, while she chops away at the back of my head, couldn't see what she was doing as she's behind me, then she comes to the side of me and continues cutting and I had an absolute heart attack when I saw the length she'd taken off - actually did a little yelp which made her stop. She'd taken off about 5 inches!! She stopped and asked was I ok and I've had a little raging hissy bitch fit, manager comes running over, I've told her the situation and she bless her heart was very apologetic, tried telling me the girl who'd done it was still in training, but as half my hair was shoulder blades and the other half at my bum, I had no choice but to let the manager take over and chop the other half.

It's taken me years to grow it so long, not to mention the amount I've spent maintaining it with keratase masks, heat defence treatments, Moroccan oil shampoo etc. I'm absolutely devastated.

DP loved my long hair (he never even noticed when I had it trimmed in the past) and when I walked through the door after having been the hairdressers he actually looked shocked, and said oh they've taken a good bit off and told me I should complain to head office so I know it doesn't seem to be suiting me at all. Even DD who's 3 asked me what happened to mummy's rapunzel hair angry

The manager gave me a free voucher for 'next time' which I feel like burning. I'm actually sat here in tears. I reckon it's going to take over a year to grow back to anywhere near where it was.

AIBU to feel like ripping my actual hair out? Has anybody else ever had this?

Also feel obliged to say I'm in my mid twenties, so not mutton dressed as lamb with the long hair (my mum has ridiculous opinions of older women with longer hair but she's just an old moaner - I love older ladies with longer hair- I remember being amazed by Edna's hair in emmerdale!!)

emochild Thu 09-Mar-17 00:40:24

Are you very short of 5 inches of hair takes it from your bum to your shoulder blades?

You are being ridiculous in your over reaction but you asked for one thing and the salon didn't do it

Why did you pay?

Derlei Thu 09-Mar-17 00:41:25

Nothing's going to make it grow back, so you need to try and embrace. It is only hair and it will grow back. I was the same in my 20s and obsessed about having my hair long. Now I'm in my 30s I definitely don't care and it's shoulder length at all times.
Maybe next time actually show the hairdresser using your hands how much you want them to take off

RedBullBlood Thu 09-Mar-17 00:45:53

You didn't see 5 inches of hair fall to the floor?

startwig1982 Thu 09-Mar-17 00:47:30

It will grow back and there is nothing that you can do. Still rubbish though

Embolio Thu 09-Mar-17 00:47:34

Ok, they didn't do what you asked. I get that it's upsetting but it's not like they scalped ye! Your hair is still pretty long, yes? And it will grow back.

Maybe the split ends were more than an inch? TBH I don't know why you'd pay for an expensive salon if you literally only wanted an inch trimmed off - you could do that yourself and save a fortune!

Derlei Thu 09-Mar-17 00:47:45

Plus surely you could feel that she was operating way high up your back? She wouldn't snip it while it was dangling free fall, she'd be applying some light pressure to your back. When I've had loads cut off I can feel what length she's cut it at without needing a mirror

Maybe you had 5 inches of 'dead' ends so she chopped it all off instead of the inch? Would make sense in the misunderstanding then.

A bit of an overreaction but you didn't get what you asked for. But if it was all 'dead' ends, it will be beneficial

leccybill Thu 09-Mar-17 00:49:47

Meh- it's just hair. It'll grow.

I agree with your mum btw.

JessieMcJessie Thu 09-Mar-17 00:52:52

There is a HUGE difference between one and five inches. No way would any hairdresser consider 5 inches to be a trim. This extremely unusual misunderstanding has happened to you twice, with two different hairdressers. It must be something you did or said, sorry. Too much of a coincidence otherwise.

MistressMolecules Thu 09-Mar-17 00:56:18

Toni & Guy are shite hairdressers. I went about 4 weeks before my wedding to get a ringlet perm done so I could wear my hair down and it dropped out by the next day so went into complain and they said they obviously hadn't used strong enough solution so they could do it again - this time they used too much (or too strong, can't remember which) and my hair started snapping at the roots. I had bloody stubbly patches in my hair (and they had the nerve to bloody deny they had destroyed my hair!!) angry

Pugmomma Thu 09-Mar-17 00:57:48

Yes, I'm 5'2 so quite small. I didn't pay, they gave me a voucher in case I came back (not bloody likely). I didn't show her with my hands only because as a hairdresser I just thought she'd know what an inch was, nog a bloody ruler. And the way the mirrors and chair are, you can't see behind you as the mirror only comes level with the chair not the floor, and my hair was over the back of the chair if that makes sense, so no I didn't know how much she'd chopped or I'd of stopped her much sooner. No it wasn't all dead, it gets trimmed every 3 months, hair masks every week, heat treatment before blowing, and it's poker straight anyway so I never straighten it, and use top shampoos. It was in brilliant condition, but now it's level with my shoulder blades and I know that may seem long to some but previously it was down to my waist/bum and when I pulled it over my shoulders like above my boobs it went all the way to my belly button and now it just reaches the bottom of my boobs. It probably is me just being unreasonable, but my hair was the only thing that gave me any body confidence at all, i feel really exposed without it if that makes sense. It's a horrible feeling. confused

VimFuego101 Thu 09-Mar-17 00:57:52

Toni and Guy have a few template haircuts that they either can't or aren't allowed to deviate from. I would complain to their head office and at least try to get the cost of your cut back, and then ask other people with a similar hair type to yours where they recommend.

Pugmomma Thu 09-Mar-17 01:00:19

Jessie, all I said was 'I just want an inch of just to get rid of any dead ends' how on earth does that constitute almost a ruler length? If I wanted that much off I'd of asked for it. However I didn't. The last time it happened was nearly 10 years ago.

RedBullBlood Thu 09-Mar-17 01:02:10

When I used to get my long hair trimmed it was always pinned into sections, then the hairdresser would pull a section out and up to trim. S/he would have had to sit on the floor to cut it across the back. I'd also look when the first section was about to be cut and ask where exactly they were planning to start cutting. To have this happen to you twice is very unfortunate, you really need to be very clear what you are asking for, and watch closely.
(Short hair now, much easier!)

Iwasjustabouttosaythat Thu 09-Mar-17 01:04:26

I am cringing at "mummy's rapunzel hair". If you go in about your hair this much at home you really need to get some new interests.

Shoulder blades, if it is that short, is still plenty of hair. I would understand if you got a short cut and nothing could be done but to wait for it to grow out, but long hair is long hair basically, and it will look exactly the same before long.

Maybe she was getting the dead ends off, or maybe just trying to make it more stylish, because very long, straight hair is pretty uncool. But if she didn't do what you asked of course you should complain, however YABVU to cry and have a big moan about what is essentially the same thing just slightly shorter.

LailasMummyx Thu 09-Mar-17 01:04:43

^^ have a look at those, reviews seems pretty ok, I've just purchased some, fingers crossed they work blush

ShuttyTown Thu 09-Mar-17 01:12:13

Jesus. Overreaction OP.

Pugmomma Thu 09-Mar-17 01:13:03

Well she just pumped the chair up. To be honest I should of been more observant, the only plus side of Toni and guy is their magazines, they have all the glossy expensive ones. And you're cringing at what a 3 year old calls her mum? She has a thing for calling family by Disney names. My mums got a short black bob, she calls her Snow White, is that cringy too? I'll be sure to tell her that nicknames aren't cool, seeing as she's 3 hmm what is cool or not I don't really care, I personally liked it, and I don't care about other people's opinion of my hair. Oooh they look good those tablets! I might try some when my nail hair skin ones run out, I think they do really help!

AllTheGlitters Thu 09-Mar-17 01:23:31

Poor you OP, I've been regrowing my hair out for years and when I went to Toni and Guy last december, they too felt it necessary to chop it to the top of my shoulders sad In their defence I had just told them I wanted to get rid of the dead ends, and it turned out (I used to bleach my hair) that I had a loooot of dead ends confused . I'm now trying to take good care of my hair like yours as I always had it so long, my point is I know how sad it is, yes it is a bit vain but hey, we're all entitled to a little bit of vanity wink

Good luck growing it back, I do find that when you are busy with life it tends to grow really fast, but when you measure it constantly/pay too much attention it seems to take forever!

Pugmomma Thu 09-Mar-17 01:26:42

Tried to find some good before pictures but without pulling out the laptop these are the best I could find, you can actually see on the one I'm facing the camera it's so long it piles up in front of me. And with DD you can see how long it was compared to now. Absolutely hate it. Allthatglitters I feel your pain! It's absolutely awful isn't it. I think I'll be trimming my own from now on 🙄

TheUnicorns Thu 09-Mar-17 01:28:07

You seem a little too preoccupied with your hair, OP. I get it's a big deal to some people but you come across as particularly obsessed and like your whole personality is based around this one aspect of your physical appearance or something.

It's just hair. It grows back. Provided you're not bald it's not an issue IMO.

avamiah Thu 09-Mar-17 01:29:36

YANBU, in my opinion.
You went in to a very reputable salon for a hair cut and you stated that you just wanted the ends off,inch or so and that is what the stylist should of done.
I would be upset if this happened to me.

AllTheGlitters Thu 09-Mar-17 01:34:46

Pugmomma that's exactly what I do now! I bought fancy hair shears and everything grin there are lots of videos on Youtube etc telling you how to do it without causing disaster. Am back to nearly bra strap length, no more hairdressers!

Crispbutty Thu 09-Mar-17 01:35:29

Is the third photo as it is now?

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