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Best place youve ever holidayed?

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hungryhippo90 Wed 08-Mar-17 23:44:27

I've never been abroad,things have just gotten better financially, it's meant booking a few holidays.. I wondered of anyone would care to share what their favourite destination has been?

birdladyfromhomealone Wed 08-Mar-17 23:53:27

maldives smile

hungryhippo90 Wed 08-Mar-17 23:56:16

Bird lady- you never let the thread get exciting, you just pulled out the big guns! Please tell me about it, it's one of the places I've dreamt of, will probably never make it I gather it's a £££££ type of holiday X

Graceflorrick Wed 08-Mar-17 23:56:19

The USA.

Della1 Wed 08-Mar-17 23:56:47

Thailand. Amazing scenery, food, beaches, hikes.

hungryhippo90 Wed 08-Mar-17 23:57:25

Grace- where abouts in the USA?

SteamyMcDreamy Wed 08-Mar-17 23:58:01

I also think the Maldives was my best ever holiday

Della1 Wed 08-Mar-17 23:58:56

Or Peru. I loved South America. Hiking in the Andes is great 😀. Closer to home I would say Chamonix in France for summer hiking (if you like walking).

Aspiringcatlady Wed 08-Mar-17 23:59:01

We went to Cyprus last year, was absolutely wonderful. Such a beautiful place!

Middleagedmumoftwo Wed 08-Mar-17 23:59:16

Best thing we ever did was a safari in was an experience that I will never forget. Of course what's one person's idea of a great holiday is another's idea of hell so if you're after inspiration it will depend on what your interests are. I've got friends who just love going to all inclusive hotels and lying around a pool all day, I've done that and it bores me to death. If you like a mixture of history/culture/beaches then the Greek islands are ideal....for a city break Barcelona is great...

NapQueen Thu 09-Mar-17 00:00:26

We tend to just do little city breaks, so Krakow. And Geneva. But we arent very well travelled grin mainly just europe. Ive done disney florida but as a kid so it doesnt count!!

Derlei Thu 09-Mar-17 00:00:53

Los Angeles

Just the States in general (pre trump!)

WhiteCaribou Thu 09-Mar-17 00:03:34

Costa Rica - beautiful place, lovely people, unspoilt, amazing rainforests, volcanoes, wildlife, lots of different races there through immigration and living happily together, very ecologically minded and very peaceful (only country in the world without an army!) I loved it and would go back in a heartbeat.

MontyPythonsFlyingFuck Thu 09-Mar-17 00:04:27

Northern Cyprus. Castles, beaches, not too many tourists... bliss!

Graphista Thu 09-Mar-17 00:05:30

I know you said overseas but honestly - Skegness! Were lucky enough to have great weather, beautiful beaches, friendly people, the b&b we stayed in was fantastic.

Overseas - Tenerife but not in playa de las Americas. Stayed further up the coast, again lovely weather not too hot, friendly folk.

hungryhippo90 Thu 09-Mar-17 00:05:34

Della- chamonix, isn't that the place where a lot of downhill mountain bikers go during the summer? If so, it's breathtaking. I've not been, but I believe there's a very small jewelers there, where I was bought a pair of earrings from when my now husband was on holiday (6 months into our relationship) I saw lots of pictures, so beautiful!

muhajaba Thu 09-Mar-17 00:06:38

Singapore and Madagascar are my probably my favourite places for holidays, both incredible, the best place for you does depend on what you want out of a holiday though

minipie Thu 09-Mar-17 00:07:00

Um... Maldives (sorry) in terms of sheer holiday bliss.

Greek islands are also wonderful (if you choose quieter ones)

India and Guatemala are probably the most memorable

Graceflorrick Thu 09-Mar-17 00:08:32

hungryhippo90 - everywhere. Loved New York, Vegas, South Carolina, Florida and the Keys, LA.

brasty Thu 09-Mar-17 00:09:23

Galapagos Islands

BlondeBecky1983 Thu 09-Mar-17 00:11:32


MooseBeTimeForSnow Thu 09-Mar-17 00:12:12

Singapore in general
The Datai in Langkawi
Zighy Bay in Oman
Al Maha in Dubai
The Canadian Rockies

Vegas is my idea of Hell.

PeaFaceMcgee Thu 09-Mar-17 00:16:00


bruffin Thu 09-Mar-17 00:16:35

Maldives and Srilanka
California road trip
Also agree about northern cyprus, very unspoilt

Della1 Thu 09-Mar-17 00:17:42

Yes it's a very popular ski resort in winter but in the summer is all about hiking, downhill mountain biking, paragliding and climbing. It's amazing! Beautiful! You can get a cheap flight to Geneva and book a transfer to Chamonix (takes 1 hour). Book accommodation on air bnb. We went for the weekend last summer and did two amazing hikes. Ski lift takes you up to the mountains and you walk from there. It was boiling hot, blue sky and views of the alps and snow capped mountains all around. I loved it!

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