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for your "over the counter" can't-get-it-in-the UK travel purchase tips?

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MangosAndPapayas Wed 08-Mar-17 22:01:01

I've only recently learnt that you can buy melatonin over the counter in the USA but in the UK it's only available on prescription.

I was thinking that for someone coming to the UK the morning after pill (NOT as emergency contraception before I get flamed) might be a useful purchase for countries where you can't get it.

And then I was wondering what other things can you buy over the counter
in other countries that you can't get in the UK?

Canada? Australia? Europe?

Any tips for anything worthwhile? I'm thinking more retin A/ melatonin type stuff than paracetamol.

redexpat Wed 08-Mar-17 22:02:35

You can get deet in the Uk. Keeps the mozzies away.

redexpat Wed 08-Mar-17 22:04:20

*I mean you can gwt deet in the uk but not in Canada for example.

Isnt melatonin the stuff that redheads lack or have too much of?

Natsku Wed 08-Mar-17 22:04:59

I'm in Finland and I find there's more stuff available over the counter in the UK that I can't get here like Lemsip and co-codamel, but we do have melatonin. But I doubt there's a big variety in Europe of what you can get due to common laws but in less regulated countries you can probably get all kinds of things.

Hissy Wed 08-Mar-17 22:06:20

In Egypt you can get pretty much anything you like!

Hissy Wed 08-Mar-17 22:07:10

I have friends in holland and I know they struggle getting decent over the counter pain killers.

carelesswhisper27 Wed 08-Mar-17 22:07:29

That's melanin redexpat; melatonin regulates your sleep / wake cycle and you can get it in tablet form.

dudsville Wed 08-Mar-17 22:08:59

Redex, melatonin is something our bodies produce before sleep and people who struggle to sleep take it.

Ginkypig Wed 08-Mar-17 22:09:01

Iv nothing to add but I'm interested in the thread so I'm posting blush

Catgotyourbrain Wed 08-Mar-17 22:10:23

Melatonin - was coming on to say that. It works, no side effects. Brilliant stuff

LittleCandle Wed 08-Mar-17 22:10:51

You can buy hydrocortisone cream in supermarkets in the US, but generally not OTC in the UK.

BusyBeez99 Wed 08-Mar-17 22:13:36

You can buy 1% hydrocortisone cream over the counter in the Uk

TweedAddict Wed 08-Mar-17 22:16:23

I had issues getting a codine cough syrup in Ireland. Pharmacy wouldn't sell it too me, I however could get it over the road in Northern Ireland no problems

JumpingJellybeanz Wed 08-Mar-17 22:17:29

I'm in Sweden and currently raging about the stupid bloody rules on buying paracetamol. Only one box and only from a proper chemist. Everyone in the house is fluey. I need to be able to buy them in bulk from the nearest retail outlet. Not be forced into travelling all the way to the chemist every single day, sharing my germs with all and sundry along the way.

HakeLively Wed 08-Mar-17 22:20:06

Apparently to can't get Buscopan (think it's for IBS cramps but I take it for gynaecological crampy issues) in Ireland but you can just pick it up on the shelf in Boots in the U.K.

HakeLively Wed 08-Mar-17 22:20:23


Natsku Wed 08-Mar-17 22:20:45

Can only get paracetamol from the pharmacy here too in Finland, don't know if there's a one box rule though as I tend to get a prescription for 100 so I know I won't run out.

Ice3 Wed 08-Mar-17 22:21:58

Viagra is available OTC in Turkey grin

BertieBotts Wed 08-Mar-17 22:25:11

You can get melatonin in France if useful to anyone.

Children's suppository medicines rather than calpol. Easier for children still in nappies, allegedly.

MangosAndPapayas Wed 08-Mar-17 22:26:02

RedExPat - yes as PP said melatonin is what your body produces to sleep. American friends rave about it for jetlag but you can't get it in the UK.

Did not know deet was unavailable elswhere! interesting.

nor that hydrocortisone cream over the counter was unusual.

If painkillers are a problem, in the UK you can get nurofen plus over the counter which has a little bit of codeine in it . Hard core painkiller that one.

knackeredinyorkshire Wed 08-Mar-17 22:26:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

redexpat Wed 08-Mar-17 22:30:15

I was so close! But feel a bit silly now blush

MangosAndPapayas Wed 08-Mar-17 22:30:28

JumpingJelly I feel your pain. We have a similar rule in the UK - which is no good if you have a family full of flue.

My tip is that I have taken to everytime I go to a chemist (well not quite every time but you get the idea) when we don't need any painkillers/flu stuff I buy a box. That way we are always stocked up and you don't need to run round two or three stores.

Just buy the odd one every time you pass through.

dnwig Wed 08-Mar-17 22:31:00

You can get hydrocortisone cream OTC in the UK. But not stronger steroid creams.

ChristinaParsons Wed 08-Mar-17 22:32:25

Antibiotics in USA

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