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To ask for advice, returning to work after maternity leave

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user1471433377 Wed 08-Mar-17 14:51:08

Sorry for posting AIBU but from being an avid reader I know you all give fantastic advice.
I need to know if I am BU in wanting to return to work; I started a fixed term training contract funding by NHS England September 2015, and, (amazingly - but that's another story) fell pregnant and took maternity leave August 2016. All along I told my manager that I planned to come back in May 2017. Just about to go to a meeting with her to formalise my return, and I've been informed that I can't return to work until 12months due to how the funding runs (as I need to complete a full year of college). This means they want me to take 3 months off work with no pay as SMP will have run out.
I can't afford to not have an income for 3 months!
So, does anyone know if this is actually legal to refuse to allow me to return?
I really hope that makes sense as I really need some advice

Babyroobs Wed 08-Mar-17 15:42:13

Did you work for the NHS prior to starting the training contract. I can completely understand how you can't just re-join the training mid academic year as surely you will have missed so much training and need to start the whole year again possibly with another group? Unless I am missing something here. If it works anything like Nurse training then you would need to take a full year off and rejoin the next cohort . What did you do before, is there anyway you could return to that on a temporary basis until you can restart the training ?

Babyroobs Wed 08-Mar-17 15:44:16

I have no idea of the legalities of course but if they are funding the training, I think I would just be relieved they are being flexible enough to let me take a year out and be able to re- join again.

user1471433377 Wed 08-Mar-17 15:51:50

Babyroods is that what happens with nurse training? Thanks for replying. I admit was was amazed they were being flexible about the training.
I think the reason I'm surprised/caught out by the decision is that I approached my manager with a plan (that would have worked) that would have allowed me to take minimal maternity leave but complete the training this year; but I was 'encouraged' to take more and reassured at the time I could return early (I did question this at the time - unfortunately all verbally - if only it had been email).
I'm hoping I can some how temp for the gap but not sure how that will affect my employmet; hopefully it'll be come clearer tomorrow
Thanks again for your reply

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