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Sea life centre

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SealFinger Tue 07-Mar-17 21:54:17

Three AIBUs in one, you lucky people!

1) it's just occurred to me they may not be as ethical as I first thought, the one closet to me is a seal rescue centre too, but a quick Google, there a bit shit aren't they, and I have been a fool to visit!

2) the fucking cost, £34 to get in, it's not even a big one, and that was just for me and DC (3), plus a little book for £4 to support the seal rescue centre (PLUS the £7 in parking!), I was stupid to pay it wasn't I? I should of just walked out when they told me the eye watering price.

3) this is the main one, so went to see the seal talk and feeding, most of the seals are rescues waiting to be sent back to the wild, so it wasn't a performance, which I wouldn't of wanted to see if it was.

Think little theatre style set up, with a pond for the seals, that was slightly raised and had a wide ledge for the person to lead the talk to stand on, then a 2 foot glass screen (covered in seal snot) between ledge and pond full of seals.

We walked in, adorable little boy about 2 was playing on the ledge, there was people near by and I assumed boy belonged to them, the boy was putting me on edge a bit as the screen isn't very high, and he was touching the inside layer with his hands, then putting them in his mouth, and was also eating and drinking!

Sat at the polar opposite of the boy next to 2 adults.

My DS now wants to climb on the ledge and touch the screen, I get cross with him and loudly tell him it's dangerous to run off and scale the ledge without a parent present.

He retorts that the other boy is doing it, and I say, in earshot of the 2 adults, well he shouldn't be, it's very dirty and I am sure his parents would tell him to get down soon.

Talk starts, staff member begins and asks people to not stand on the ledge as it's filthy and you can get diseases such as seal herpes and seal finger... in earshot of the 2 adults I said to DC, "see you have to stay safe, it's dirty, and those boys parents will get in trouble if they don't get him down from the ledge soon."

Boy is still on the ledge 10 minutes in, he finishes his fruit shoot drink and guess who he runs to to deliver his empty bottle. The 2 adults who have heard everything, including witnessing my judgemental eye rolling and a little bit of tutting!

But seriously though, he could of fallen in, it was filthy and they over heard everything I said, and the staff members request to not stand in the ledge, not to mention how far away they was from him should anything happen! Oh and once he had handed over his bottle he was allowed to merriely skip his way back down to the ledge!

RiversrunWoodville Tue 07-Mar-17 22:01:34

Love the user name sealfinger

My instinct is 1) we fell for it too on holiday in a well known Lincs resort then realised afterwards they may be ethically suspect

2) bloody hell that is eye watering! YANBU that's ridiculous

3) YANBU yuck poor wee mite especially when eating envy <-- not envy

SealFinger Tue 07-Mar-17 22:06:41

Ever time I close my eyes I see his little hand covered in seal snot (slight dramatisation) enter his mouth.

I mean how stupid do you have to be as parents to not a even flinch at the low fence, deep pond, full of wild animals, and then to ignore professional advice to not stand in the ledge?!?

RiversrunWoodville Wed 08-Mar-17 21:38:02

Argh it's scary isn't it! My dd2 just turned 2 and can climb like a ninja I can't imagine leaving her down there like that she'd be in there with them (not to mention the snot)

BarbaraofSeville Wed 08-Mar-17 21:50:24

Sea Life Centres ets are always going to be ethically suspect. Animals that normally travel for miles as a matter of routine confined to compariviely small tanks.

These things are always expensive, but there is almost always vouchers floating around. Google 'attraction name discount'. Almost always a 2 for 1 or similar available.

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