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AIBU to think that Dork Diaries is not a suitable school book for 7 year old

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herewearenowentertainus Tue 07-Mar-17 21:50:26

extract from 7 year old dd's school reading book

"I almost died when she actually got paint on my favourite shirt. OMG! I had a hissy fit right there on the spot. Okay, I'll admit it. That spot of paint on my shirt WAS kind of small. But the last time I watched Judge Judy on television, she specifically stated, parents are responsible for the damage their child does to the property of other people. And that's the LAW, you @!%$& IDIOT!!"

do any other mums think that this is not appropriate or am i being too snobby?

chezbot Tue 07-Mar-17 23:00:23

I loathe these books but as cringeworthy as the words are they'll hear worse on the yard at breaktime. There are many cack books which sell bucketloads (I'll spare you the fairy magic rant) try and think of them as a gateway to the good stuff

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