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To be cynical about these notes that people seemingly get handed by random strangers

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PlayOnWurtz Tue 07-Mar-17 10:58:43

I'm not going to link as I can only find daily fail stories but there is a new one in there about an anorexic lady who was handed an 'inspiring letter of hope' as she was on her way to treatment

Another Ive seen is supposedly from a child giving an adult $5 after their sibling stole a wind chime to help them remember their lost mum who loved butterflies...

Am I a bitter old hag being cynical about these...especially as they always manage to find their way into the press or are these genuine?

ludog Tue 07-Mar-17 11:19:43


Wando1986 Tue 07-Mar-17 11:21:59

It's a load of tosh.

WorraLiberty Tue 07-Mar-17 11:25:46

It's the sort of bollocks 'journalists' need to fill trashy newspapers and magazines.

ILostItInTheEarlyNineties Tue 07-Mar-17 11:27:33

When I was young and single, I used to catch a bus opposite my flat to work.

One day a handwritten note was stuffed through my door. It was from a man who had seen me catching the bus every morning and would I like to go out with him? He went on to explain he'd just been released from prison for assault and was on a tag so had to be home by 8pm in the evenings. He left his name and number, and his nickname; "Damage" shock

I didn't call.

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