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To dump a "friend"

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LittleMermaidRose Mon 06-Mar-17 19:05:12

I've decided I no longer want to be "friends" with my co-worker.

She can be a really funny person when she wants to be, but most of the time she is self absorbed, pessimistic, controlling, demanding...
The only time she wants to hang out is when she's bored, fallen out with her boyfriend, or when her other friends are out on a Saturday night and she can't get a babysitter. When I try to make plans in advance with her, she is not interested.
She only ever wants to talk about her problems, never asks how I am or asks anything about my life. Expects me to drop everything I'm doing to go round and visit her when she's upset (usually because she's fallen out with her boyfriend.. again!). Then she falls out with me because I tell her I'm busy.

I've had enough! I'll continue to speak to her at work but I no longer want to see her outside of work.
Any tips on how I can distance myself from her? I want her to get the message without hurting her feelings, and without causing any tension at work.

tinglyfing Mon 06-Mar-17 19:15:17

Tricky. Keep being polite and friendly in work but also keep saying no to her demands outside of work? Develop a "hobby" that means you're just too busy to see her?

tinglyfing Mon 06-Mar-17 19:16:00

Either way, She sounds like a bloody nightmare and you're right to be distancing yourself!

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