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AIBU to think of a forming a network/company to deal with transporting kids to after school clubs and staying with them during

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mmwth3kds Mon 06-Mar-17 07:30:39

I am fed up with taking my 2 kids to swim clubs, gymnastics club, football clubs which are all in different places and times and you need to stay and wait usually an and half.

When you have other children with you, waiting becomes a tedious activity and therefore I started thinking of setting up a company/networking tool to find some local people (with DBS! maybe)to do this. Pros and cons please?

birdsdestiny Mon 06-Mar-17 07:37:37

Because you can only go to one activity at a time. Your staff costs will be high.

dowhatnow Mon 06-Mar-17 07:39:43

Most parents would love to use you but with travel cost/time to each job plus the time with the kid, the expense would mist likely be prohibitive.

lalalalyra Mon 06-Mar-17 07:47:15

We pick kids up from two schools as part of the after-school care. It's a form filling nightmare and is a total pita because it relies on kids remembering they are going to asc that day and also relies on parents to remember to tell you that their child has the dentist/isn't at school/is going to Granny's house that day.

We did very, very, very briefly have a walking bus home from asc. Lasted one month and we had to scrap it because people are unreliable.

Your biggest problem will be your customers. If you set up a voluntary set up some people will be reluctant to use you because you are "only" parents/volunteers (we have this with both the asc and playscheme - some regard us as lesser than the 'professional' ones despite less closure days and better inspection reports), but if you charge you'll struggle to charge enough to get proper staff. You'll also then be seen as a service so will have a) regulations to deal with and b) the unrealistic expectations of parents.

onlyjustme Mon 06-Mar-17 08:46:24

Instead of this...
Be sociable... make friends with other parents at the activities and agree a rota system?
Or make use of the time...
When DS does football at the leisure centre I go in the gym. I do make sure the coach and at least one other parent knows this.
I may go for a run while DD is at football...
I've prepped and marked work whilst waiting for activities in other places. Or actually watched DS or DD play football!!!

Leatherboundanddown Mon 06-Mar-17 08:57:04

I have been involved with some research recently with someone who is trying to set up something relatively similar, it is a lift sharing app. So not a paid for service more of a swap.

I have my reservations about whether this can work, I would do this as a casual arrangement with fellow parents I knew but I don't think I would ever use an app to arrange it.

I possibly would be interested in your service though if it was an after school club aswell that provided dinner. For instance on a Monday I have a real stress as have to collect dd at 5pm from asc then rush home to have dinner to get her to Rainbows (all on foot) for 6pm-7.

If you provided a service in my area that combined all of these things I would use it. However I am not sure it would be viable staffing wise. Effectively what I need is to be able to employ a nanny.

You'd need a big team to account for all the different activities children might be doing. How would you transport them?

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