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To ask Vaxxers a question (or 3!)

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bagpackbagpack Sun 05-Mar-17 22:58:37

My third thread of the night, posting on here for traffic and a bit if an AIBU.

So it's likely I have had the whooping cough.

I misheard my GP I think who said I had the 100 day virus, which apparently isn't a thing and is actually the whooping cough. (100 day cough)

I am pro vax, my DS who is up to date hasn't been has ill as me (thankfully, and possibly due to the vax schedule we have in the uk).

But just so I can sleep tonight, could the really clever pro vax people give me peace of mind.

1) I had whooping cough vaccine when pregnant early 2013 for me and DS, it's clearly worn off now hasn't it..

2) did DS get a top up, which means he has not been ill (like me and DP) as part of the routine jabs?

3) how long does it take for the vaccine to be effective? Like if my DN went for it tomorrow would it be effective for 1.5 weeks time?

SIL is coming to the uk with less than 3 month old DN in a week and a half, she lives in Dubai. Does anyone know if they have a VAX schedule?

it's her first do don't want to just contact her and worry her about VAX (but will subtly bring it up whilst she is over, we also don't have a close close relationship, given as she lives abroad, but we do message a couple times of month, and sure we would be closer if she or I, was geographically closer!)

I am going to ring the doctors tomorrow as well, I know how serious this can be in babies, so don't want to put my first DN at risk, but yet I am very upset about not seeing him!

Thank you in advance!

Stabbytheunicorn Sun 05-Mar-17 23:12:42

After 3 weeks of cough starting you are no longer infectious.

Your DN won't be fully protected until she's had at least 2 sets of injections

How old is your son? He would have had preschool boosters around age 3½. This should protect him from catching whopping cough from you.

Stabbytheunicorn Sun 05-Mar-17 23:19:37

You can get antibiotics that stop you becoming infectious after 5 days. These can if started early enough reduce your symptoms, however most people are not diagnosed in the short window these are needed and by the time they are these antibiotics are useless as you tend to be weeks into the illness anyway.

As you have a baby visiting your doctor might agree to the course of antibiotics, but it won't stop the cough or make you better any faster. I'm afraid you're just going to have to ride it out.

Did the doctor offer to test you for whopping cough. I would ask that you are as you will be included in the official figures if you do have it.

bagpackbagpack Sun 05-Mar-17 23:29:32

Thanks both, still have a residue cough.

I do smoke though... (let's not have some poison pen threads re smoking, I know it's wrong and it's a different battle (yes it's also why it's taking me much longer to recover!!))

I just would very much hate to pass a horrible infectious illness to a poor child (even though I desperately want to see him!). Hope my Gp foe not think I am wasting her time though!

bagpackbagpack Sun 05-Mar-17 23:33:42

My DS is about to get his preschool injections and seems to be fine other than having a cough for a couple of days (and then pretending to have one so he can get calpol, down sideman of it tasting so sweet!)

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