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Reception friendships - should I worry?

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Exileinengland1999 Sun 05-Mar-17 21:09:32

My DD 4 is happy in school but hasn't really made any close friends yet. We've had a couple of kids back to play and she hangs out with a group of 3 girls but they aren't that nice to get by all accounts & she gets upset as they tell her to go away.
How worried should I be? She is generally happy & has other kids to play with but none that seem to be becoming good friends.
Aibu to be worried or is it early days? DS had a close group of friends at this point

WorraLiberty Sun 05-Mar-17 21:11:51

I wouldn't worry at all as long as she has someone to play with.

Some kids don't make close friends until they're in Junior school and some don't make them at all.

BackforGood Sun 05-Mar-17 21:16:07

Agree with Worra. All 3 of mine have 'done friendship' differently. Only one of them remained friends with anyone they were friends with at any time in infant scnool though. I have no recollection at all of who any of them played with in Reception. At that stage many dc will quite happily play with whoever is around ad about at the time. Not that many form real friendships.

Exileinengland1999 Sun 05-Mar-17 21:26:35

Thanks- I feel a bit better now! Really she just wants to be with me most of the time but she does sometimes say that no one likes her etc. Am going to talk to the teacher tomorrow. Generally she's a happy little girl tho

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