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AIBU that this seem to be way over priced.

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Lonelymummyof1 Sun 05-Mar-17 14:28:48

My daughters dream is to do ballet but since she has been very poorly for a long time I struggled to find a ballet class that would accept her.

Well we live in the city and the cost for a 3 year old to do half an hour lesson a week is 10.50 an hour working out at 120 pound odd a term and the specific uniform 75 pound !

This is seems a bit OTT or am I wrong and this is the average cost for baby ballet ?

MooCahnt Sun 05-Mar-17 14:43:37

It's 3.50 - 4 for half an hour where I live, big city in the north.

CountClueless Sun 05-Mar-17 14:46:14

Half an hour lesson is 5.25? Sounds fine to me.

MovingOnUpMovingOnOut Sun 05-Mar-17 14:50:01

Is your maths right op? Even assuming 13 weeks in a term that's only £68.25.

As for the uniform do you have to buy their uniform or is optional or just a colour scheme? That can make it a lot cheaper.

Groovee Sun 05-Mar-17 14:52:48

That's what I paid when Dd was in grade 4 ballet. But maybe it depends on where you live.

Ellisandra Sun 05-Mar-17 14:53:35

£5.25 sounds OK.
We're £7.50 for an hour, but a small town in a cheap region.

Ballet uniform for a 3yo shouldn't cost £75! Socks, leotard, pumps, wrap skirt. You don't need the body wrap, though it's cute. A 3, you won't be buying character skirts and shoes! What on earth are you looking at that costs £75?!! shock

Don't forget eBay for used uniform - little worn and outgrown quickly at that age.

harleysmammy Sun 05-Mar-17 15:01:39

I had been dancing since i was 3 - so have my two sisters, and my dad paid £11 for all three of us to train 3 times a week. The dance industry is expensive, thats the way it is if you want a good dance school that actually gets your kids somewhere.

Soubriquet Sun 05-Mar-17 15:06:44

That does sound pricey

It's around £20 a term here. The uniform costs around £50 but least it lasts a little while

Proudmummytodc2 Sun 05-Mar-17 15:06:48

My DD who was 3 when she done ballet was £120 a month she had 2 classes a week.

We also had to buy them a specific uniform it cost £100 for full uniform, they had to have the stuff with the dancing name on it so couldn't use cheaper brands which was annoying.

Witchend Sun 05-Mar-17 15:09:48

When dd1 started doing extra curriculum stuff, I reckoned the usual rate was £5 per half an hour. That was 12 years ago, so the price sounds good.

TheFirstMrsDV Sun 05-Mar-17 15:15:16

I used to pay around £75-80 a term.
We didn't have to buy specific uniform.I got leggings and teeshirt from Sainsburys. The girls got stuff from Sainsburys too.

RhinestoneCowgirl Sun 05-Mar-17 15:20:29

DD's ballet class is £5 for 45 mins, but that is on the cheap end. We do have ballet uniform to buy on top of that but there is a thriving swaps and second hand circuit in our neighbourhood, so that's handy.

In the baby class (2.5 up) they're allowed to wear leggings and T-shirt until they get more into ballet.

Lonelymummyof1 Sun 05-Mar-17 15:32:37

Sorry my daughter was on my lap its 10.50 per half an hour session and term is 12 weeks.

Lonelymummyof1 Sun 05-Mar-17 15:34:05

Uniform is linked in the website and is there uniform.
The link takes you 2 a shop that has 2 sections one for another ballet school in the area and one for this one.
Thats how much it comes to.

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