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To think my sister should ring 111

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Maxwellthecat Sun 05-Mar-17 12:26:05


My sister has been diagnosed with shingles and given anti virals, but the rash has got worse and is now going up the side of her nose. I think she should ring 111 and see if she should get any more help but she says that its better to just wait and see her gp tomorrow as they can't do anything and she can't be arsed to get dressed.

Is it worth ringing 111?

JohnLapsleyParlabane Sun 05-Mar-17 12:28:24

Having had shingles recently I think she's right. There's really not much they can do.

Birdsgottaf1y Sun 05-Mar-17 12:48:05

I've had shingles and been put on Anti-Virals. I'm also immune suppressed. So I'm hyper vigilant.

I also think that she'll be told to go to hospital, when all she should do is rest and go tomorrow.

jimijack Sun 05-Mar-17 12:56:46

As it will get worse before it gets b better and she is on treatment, she is right, wait and take the treatment.

Look on nhs choices website, loads of evidence based advice on there.

DrinksFewAndPeopleMany Sun 05-Mar-17 13:55:49

Near her eye (ophthalmic shingles) needs assessment

RandomDent Sun 05-Mar-17 13:56:33

Agreed, near the eye needs looking at.

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