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To ask to see before & after pics of anyone who's lost their mum tum?

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Chocwocdoodah Sat 04-Mar-17 21:00:30

I'm not overweight as such but I'm not in shape and could do with quite a bit of toning up. Once I start exercising I'm pretty good at sticking to it but often find I get results and then start getting a bit complacent and don't carry on.

Really want to get my arse in gear but one thing bothering me is I'm not convinced I can lose my jelly belly after having 2 kids. It's certainly not the worst I've seen but it is a bit of a paunch and stops me wearing the fitted tops, dresses etc I used to pre-kids.

So is anyone willing to share some pics of their post pregnancy belly before and after toning it up to help motivate me pleeeease as well as tips on how they did it?

sabzii Sat 04-Mar-17 21:07:51

Have you asked your GP to check your abs have knitted back together? I had a gap post partum and had to wait 6 months and have physio before exercising.

My tummy was softer and waist less defined after pregnancy but I got back in shape with a weekly hit class, baby yoga and regular sessions on cross-trainer, as my muscles tightened I got inspired so do crunches and various exercises at home too. I also find it helps to wear high waisted support knickers a few days a week as they make me conscious of my posture and holding my tummy in, which strengthens muscles.

Chocwocdoodah Sat 04-Mar-17 21:13:20

I don't think I've got a gap. It's actually 3 years since I last gave birth(!) - I'd know by now wouldn't I (please tell me I would)??! My belly is more just a bit jellyfish - I can grab a handful of it. And my kids describe it as "doughy"....

Chocwocdoodah Sat 04-Mar-17 22:47:51 jellyish not 'jellyfish'....

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