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To be irritated at this blokes DW

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Simonely11 Sat 04-Mar-17 17:43:41

Ok some of you may remember the post a few weeks back about the 'friend' who turned on me in both pregnancies out of the blue, said cruel comments about the baby (both times) I.e I don't want to buy you a card until the baby is here in case anything happens to it, telling me how I look like shit etc in pictures my hubby posted of my bump on Facebook etc. Then there was the whole Facebook blocking saga, where I was blocked by her and her 15 year old son over and over as I was the only person who couldn't see either of them, yet I was bombarded with texts from them accusing me etc. This pregnancy they've both done the same only I was told by her it's because her son thinks I hate him, despite 3 weeks prior to that he gave me a big hug told me he loved me and wished me happy new year. The lad has mild special needs and in my opinion is not able to observe situations and come to a conclusion a person who he has known for 6 years all of a sudden hates him. Was she behind this? Absolutely. Comments from her about me being too young, only having a 2 bedroom house etc have also come out, in the most bitchy way possible.

Anyway that was a month ago. But my hubby and hers are very good friends and want to still continue that. They've been trying to arrange a get out where they go for a few beers etc. Last weekend her hubby cancelled because the condition of the night was SHE picks them up from the pub and my dh joins them over At their house for drinks afterward. My hubby basically said he'd prefer if they could just have a night just them, but he cancelled on my dh last minute. Later in the week he told him it was because of her and he's really sorry and that at some point he would like to come over and see me also, as we used to get on well. So a drink was arranged for tonight. Dh has just had a text from this friend to say that he can only go to the pub if Kelly can join them as he doesn't want to push her out. Is she for real? Why can't she let himGo for a few beers with his mate? Why is she controlling the situation. Now ultimately what she has done is made my dh spend an entire night with her even though he really doesn't want to because she's poison, just so he can see his mate. This no doubt will thrill her and she'll be loving every second. Wtf?!!!

SaorAlbaGuBrath Sat 04-Mar-17 17:46:01

Your DH doesn't have to go?

IamFriedSpam Sat 04-Mar-17 17:46:39

YANBU don't really know what the solution is but she sounds mad as a hatter, don't know how she has the energy for any of it!

Simonely11 Sat 04-Mar-17 17:47:43

True, he doesn't. But he also would like to see his friend who he hasn't seen in months so I get why he is going, plus I don't want to do what she's doing and control my dh by saying you can't go. But is it me or is she deranged?

SaorAlbaGuBrath Sat 04-Mar-17 17:50:34

She is clearly a controlling woman, she sounds extremely unpleasant.

OneWithTheForce Sat 04-Mar-17 17:52:21

Your DH needs to keep saying no every time it is suggested she comes. His friend will either stand up to her or her will stop seeing DH which is his own choice.

Simonely11 Sat 04-Mar-17 17:53:41

Phew glad others here agree on this bit, she's manipulated a special needs child and is now manipulating her DH. It's unreal.

OneWithTheForce Sat 04-Mar-17 17:54:00

I don't want to do what she's doing and control my dh by saying you can't go.

Oh, that makes it sound like you're considering it. Does your DH actually have a problem with her being there or is it just you? It sounds like you think this is your decision.

Simonely11 Sat 04-Mar-17 17:56:14

Of course I have an issue with it deep down, have you not read the post? The way she's treated me is totally out of order. Would you be fine with your husband having to spend an evening with a woman who treated you this way? confused

Simonely11 Sat 04-Mar-17 17:57:26

Although my response when he got the text was to laugh...out loud. Say what a muppet she is and carry on with cooking dinner while he's on his computer. smile.

OneWithTheForce Sat 04-Mar-17 17:58:19

Of course I have an issue with it deep down, have you not read the post? The way she's treated me is totally out of order. Would you be fine with your husband having to spend an evening with a woman who treated you this way? confused

Eh? confused have you read my post?

Doyouwantabrew Sat 04-Mar-17 17:59:46

It's up to your dh. To be honest if a friend had a wife that was upsetting me that much he would tell him to fuck off out of our lives.

However it's up to your dh. You cut all contact with her and her ds now and move on. Permanent block them both from FB too.

Simonely11 Sat 04-Mar-17 18:00:08

I think I've answered your question...

OneWithTheForce Sat 04-Mar-17 18:05:44

You haven't but I can see it'll be pointless asking again. Best of luck whatever you decide your husband is allowed to do.

Simonely11 Sat 04-Mar-17 18:09:02

Jesus christ grin

WhereYouLeftIt Sat 04-Mar-17 18:25:44

So, your husband is actually considering pandering to her demands, 'so he can see his mate'? Fuck me. Kelly's husband needs to grow a spine, and your husband needs to consider whether he wants to dance to Kelly's tune. Yes, I would judge him if he spent the evening in her company.

littlefrog3 Sat 04-Mar-17 18:46:35

I'm afraid if any 'friend' of mine was such a vile c*nt to me, my husband would cut ties with her husband even if they were 'mates.' Similarly, if I had a pal whose husband had been an utter vile dick to my husband, I would be ceasing contact with that pal.

Sorry, but if your husband has any respect for you, he would tell this mad woman's husband that the friendship can't continue. And he is going to meet this bloke when SHE is going to be there? WTAF?! confused

Serialweightwatcher Sat 04-Mar-17 18:59:26

She sounds like a real cow and you deserve a medal for having anything to do with her after her comments and her manipulation. Your DH needs to talk to her DH properly and explain that he just wants to see him alone or not at all - she does sound like poison and best for you to keep away in my opinion

Simonely11 Sat 04-Mar-17 20:07:39

He messaged him in the end and said that whenever he is ready to go for a pint without Kelly and their son in tow then to let him know. He said hopefully they can discuss the issue then and move on from it although he said I have no interest in picking up a friendship with Kelly again. He didn't respond so I don't know how things will pan out. At the end of the day I'm not going to put things aside for a second time just so my dh can see his friend. Why should I tolerate shit? He and my dh should be able to have a drink together alone without her and the 15 year old in tow. Funniest thing is, she doesn't even drink, she'll make 2 cokes last her alll night and is happy to just sit there whilst they get more and more sloshed. Why would you?!?

HecateAntaia Sat 04-Mar-17 20:15:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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