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To put a note through next doors letter box?

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SookiesSocks Sat 04-Mar-17 17:43:06

They dont have a dog but a visiting friend does.
Since they all left an hour ago the dog has done nothing but yap, bark and whine non stop.
I really feel for the poor thing left alone in a strange house, it sounds distressed.

So WIBU to post a note explaining the dogs distress and how bloody annoying the noise is ?

Annahibiscuits Sat 04-Mar-17 17:44:31

I wouldn't do it for a one off, no

littlefrog3 Sat 04-Mar-17 19:03:25

No, not for a one-off.

Our old neighbour (recently moved,) used to have a film on every Saturday afternoon/evening from 4pm til 7pm ish, (LOUD!) But that was it; we hardly heard him otherwise - apart from the odd 2-hour loud music session, which would occur once or twice a month. It was a bit annoying, but wasn't often enough to officially complain.

That said, I think if anyone outside of your property can hear your telly or music, then IT'S TOO LOUD!

And a dog barking for several hours - ONCE- is not worthy of a complaint.

missm0use Sat 04-Mar-17 23:34:21

TBH the dog will probably eat the note ...

happypoobum Sat 04-Mar-17 23:38:52

Oh yes please, do it and then report back.................

I may be a bit bored

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