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Winning when not your party

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Hashtagwinner Sat 04-Mar-17 12:07:37

Dropped dd off at a birthday party (was games based, think bowling/paint ball/football type thing) the other day for a birthday party. DH and I don't drive and venue isnt near home or anyyhing much so we stayed. The venue wasn't booked out so we joined in the game (paying for entry) and played with the guests and members of public.

I came out top against everyone who was playing (both the kids at the party and random members of the public)

DH says I shouldn't have tried so hard and should have let the kids win. AIBU to think I paid so should just play as I normally would?

Allthebestnamesareused Sat 04-Mar-17 12:12:16

Its a bit odd that you were playing with the party guests and so were other randoms if it was bowling. Surely the party would have hired some lanes and you'd have been on separate lanes?

If it was a laser quest type thing with everyone against everyone then fair play - go for it and win!

RoseAndRose Sat 04-Mar-17 12:12:22

I think the party should have been separate from the general public.

How old are the DC? If teens, then taking on general competition is somewhat more acceptable than for younger children.

MaisyPops Sat 04-Mar-17 12:12:32

If you joined onto the main board with the party kids then yeah it maybe was a bit much. Not saying you should let the birthday kid win but probably attaching yo their game was odd.

If you were on your own lane with DH and your score happened to be higher, who cares.

Id be more bothered about you attaching yourself to the party than staying playing bowling and winning

Whynotnowbaby Sat 04-Mar-17 12:12:53

None of the other paying members of the public will have been trying to lose so it's not like it's very likely that if you hadn't tried, one of the kids would have won- I don't think anyone's really bothered who wins at that type of party anyway so I don't think you are being unreasonable!

MaisyPops Sat 04-Mar-17 12:13:34

Just realised that it could be any other things not just bowling.

Unless there was no other option eg open lazer quest centre id have not attached onto the party

pinkish Sat 04-Mar-17 12:13:54

My dd would have banned me from joining in altogether

Trifleorbust Sat 04-Mar-17 13:03:50

I would have held back a bit for the kids.

gamerwidow Sat 04-Mar-17 13:06:36

Depends how old the kids were. Teens I wouldn't have held back for but I wouldn't have gone all out to win against primary school kids. Makes you look like 'competitive dad' from the fast show.

BeIIatrix Sat 04-Mar-17 14:06:01

I think yeah, you could have backed off a bit and given the kids a chance at the event designed for children

Oblomov17 Sat 04-Mar-17 14:07:57

Yes this strikes me as very odd. I would have held back. Are you uber competitive.

PuddleJumper01 Sat 04-Mar-17 14:09:08

Are you proud that you beat a load of children?

BertrandRussell Sat 04-Mar-17 14:10:12

We need to know how old the kids are.

AgainstTheOddsNo2 Sat 04-Mar-17 14:13:06

Laser tag? If so trying to win / lose against special ific people is quite hard in a big group while trying to have a good time too. They would have been able to have a breakdown just for the group too

Bluntness100 Sat 04-Mar-17 14:16:15

Are you Monica from friends by any chance?

Cos otherwise I think most grown ups know you dont try to beat the kids in this scenario. But hey, you beat them, well done you. 😂

BeIIatrix Sat 04-Mar-17 14:23:02

I paid so should just play as I normally would? but why would you want to play with a load of kids - why not play with your own friends?

It is not really a win is it, if the people you are playing with are children, ie not as competent as you.

Coulddowithanap Sat 04-Mar-17 14:28:13

If it's something like Laser Quest then that's fine.

I went to a relative's party (they were mainly aged 10-11) to a laser place and other people joined in. The party played as 2 teams and some other people joined as a third team. They children at the party only compared scores with the others at the party (I'm quite sure the laser place asked if we minded other members of the public playing too. I know the parents hadn't paid to have exclusive use of the place)

DoomGloomAndKaboom Sat 04-Mar-17 14:30:51

Is this a reverse?

I mean, who the hell goes to a kids' party and tries to beat all the children?! Even if the kids in question were 15 year olds you spoiled their fun, and yes, i did read that you paid.

lol at 'are you Monica'

but, er, are you.....?

Floggingmolly Sat 04-Mar-17 14:32:05

Dear God!! You have probably destroyed your poor dd's social life for the next ten years. Did you seriously not feel a twinge of embarrassment barging your way into the middle of some poor kid's party like a pair of loons?
Just because it was open to the public does not mean you'd have been welcome to join in! hmm

HmmOkay Sat 04-Mar-17 14:37:06

The Hashtagwinner username makes me think this is a quasi-reverse and that the OP's husband has done this.

And will be back to 'reveal' this information after about 200 posts.

KurriKurri Sat 04-Mar-17 14:37:31

I don't know - because I don't know what the activity is,but if it is something where if you are hit you are out of the game, I would have let the kids win.
Depends on the age of the kids I guess.
But if they are little or your action stopped them being in the game so they had to twiddle their thumbs, then you are a bit of a party pooper.

Did you run round pointing at the children shouting 'loooooseeeeer' and making the 'L' sign ? grin

PyongyangKipperbang Sat 04-Mar-17 14:38:07

Playing against kids and playing to win is a bit off, tbh I would be embarrassed to be with you.

SpoofersAreLosers Sat 04-Mar-17 14:40:13

If the kids were five then it would have been bad form but if it were teens then it's ok. It sort of depends on the way you were all playing. If it's really obviously a composition or whether people were just playing. The fact non party goers were going in suggests the later.

Freddorika Sat 04-Mar-17 14:41:07


Breezy1985 Sat 04-Mar-17 14:45:03

I would of let one of the kids/actual party guests win personally.
I've had to stay at parties for the same reason but usually disappear from view if there is a cafe or something.

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