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To ask what I need to do to help?

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CowPatRoberts Sat 04-Mar-17 01:22:35

I'll preface this by saying it's for my DM- as she won't listen to me.

She has a medium sized dining room table in storage, her priest recently gave a sermon asking for donations for a Syrian family that have moved to the area and she thought the table would be a good thing to offer.

She text the priest to offer it up and is now INCENSED that he hasn't had the decency to reply. This is now the case study for why helping refugees is a complete waste of time.

AIBU to think there are many other avenues for her to donate this table for a good cause? If any of you could suggest one I would be forever grateful.

Blondie1984 Sat 04-Mar-17 01:41:49

Has she not considered that maybe the priest isn't surgically attached to his phone? Maybe she should try talking to him in person....

MommaGee Sat 04-Mar-17 02:08:08

When did she text? Suggest she calls him or visits him? Suggest it's not their fault.
Local charity shop of no luck with vicar?

EmeraldScorn Sat 04-Mar-17 02:28:17

St Vincent De Paul are always grateful for furniture donations.

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