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To use teething gel

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MommaGee Sat 04-Mar-17 00:26:16

Can I overdose DS on it?
Is it horrific I'm giving it him every night??
It's the only thing that works but I've just been light heartedly googly and found articles on the evils of it and how it can affect breathing etc. He's on o2 but no one has ever said anything

DS is 21 months and his fangs are coming through. Equivalent on bottom row due and then rear molars and we're all done.
He asked up crying and only Teething gel on his dummy will bring him down (no I do not want a debate on letting my son have a dummy at his age). He has it occasionally awake but will chew lots of things but obviously when he's in his cot I don't want to give him a wet cloth to chew and Teething rings are harder to manipulate when you're mostly asleep and the Gap is only one tooth

Blink1982 Sat 04-Mar-17 00:39:25

Try ambesol. Teething gel is crap and powerless.

MommaGee Sat 04-Mar-17 01:40:31

He loves it, will hand me his dummy if he sees the tube...
Is anbesol an equivalent?

Aliveinwanderland Sat 04-Mar-17 01:44:04

I can't see anything wrong with using it once a day! I use t multiple times through the day when DS is bad. Also use Anbesol which can only be done every 3 hours but works much better.

MommaGee Sat 04-Mar-17 01:48:18

Definitely more than once a day, when I say every night I mean when he goes down and then several times depending on waking. I couldn't sleep - waiting to see if he settled and Googled it and it started going in about one of them freezing their throats so they can't breathe. Not what you want to read with a child on o2 and a cdh. No one's ever mentioned anything against it before.
I think he likes the taste too

steff13 Sat 04-Mar-17 02:06:49

I was buying teethers at a department store when my daughter was teething, and the cashier informed me that Anal Ease is great for teething.

MommaGee Sat 04-Mar-17 02:08:48

Anal Ease???

MommaGee Sat 04-Mar-17 02:09:06


steff13 Sat 04-Mar-17 03:54:46

Yup. And she asked me if I knew what Anal Ease was, and I didn't know if it was better to feign ignorance, or to admit I had heard of it.

kel1234 Sat 04-Mar-17 09:08:13

The only thing that worked for my lo was Calgel teething gel. We used it when he needed it, but no more than the recommended dose.

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